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Where to buy Japanese pattern books? (& see my collection!)

March 9, 2007 , , , , ,

Crochet and knitting bags

Dear mine, I didn’t notice that I have such a great collection of Japanese books.

It’s funny, I don’t know how to read Japanese, but, I can somehow recognize some Kanji , because they are mainly derived from Chinese.

Moreover, Japanese knitting and crocheting patterns aren’t that hard to understand.
we have a good helper : ABCs of knitting

And actually, when you look up the pattern inside, you can see diagrams more than words, so , even though you don’t understand Japanese, it’s fine, you can read the diagram. And no guessing is needed, because in the ABSs of knitting site, they also provide the meaning of the knitting symbols.

But why I bought them? and where did I buy them?

REASON: their patterns are great, beautiful and very neat!!
WHERE TO BUY: unfortunately, I can’t find any bookstore in Toronto that sells Japanese Knitting books, but, those knitters who live in San Francisco are really lucky, because I knew that there is a Japan Town in the city, and of course, they have a bookstore over there. You can simply buy the books from the bookstore. There are few more Japanese bookstore in the States:1)


If you are living in the States, the shipping is much cheaper than those who live somewhere else.
So, if you are not living in the States, you can go to to find the books that you want. However, even though it says that you can switch the site to ENGLISH, they don’t have translation on books’ title and content. So , that means you have to guess what’s inside from their covers.

I sometimes buy the books from Amazon, I love their service, they use DHL for delivery, although it’s quite expensive, but it’s safe!

If you know how to read CHINESE, there is another good bookstore site for you to think about it:


(This site is operated by Taiwanese)

When I knew that they carry Japanese books, I wanted to SCREAM out, because they are actually selling a better price than AMazon, because if you calculate the shipping cost, they cost you less. 🙂

However, they don’t have “ENGLISH” version for the website.

Another site that I did buy the books once is :
Their shipping cost is less for North Amercians, however, they don’t carry too many Japanese craft books, but still good to take a look of them if you are curious.

I think I really put lots of useful information on where to buy Japanese books, are you being tempted to visit those websites and treat some for yourself?

here are the books that I already own: (knitting books)

Knitting Magazine (Summer) Knitting Magazine (winter) Knitting Magazine (winter)

I'm knitting Marche (Magazine) Knitting book

shawl and petite goodsKnitting in BlackKnitting Magazine

Knitting Magazine Knitting products Crochet food

Knitting food Crochet shawls and goods Crochet bags

Crochet hats Crochet hats and bags Crochet book

Zakka (Craft book) Crcohet Stuffed toys Crcohet Stuffed toys

Crcohet bags with chenille Crochet goods Crochet accessories

Crochet shawl and scarfCrochet bags with different materials and methodsCrcohet bags

Crcohet bags and accessories Crochet bagsBeautiful Shawl and scarf

(if you click the picture above, it will link to my flickr site, and you will see a long number above the picture, that’s the ISBN number of the book. It’s for you convenience to enter the ISBN number for searching purpose in the bookstore sites. )


What do you think?

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Do you know of a good source for Guernsey and Aran Knitting? I have such trouble reading the sites. There is a link here with a pic of the book and pattern I want. I so appreciate if you can help!
It is more than 3/4 the way down the page.

Thank you,
elationrelation at yahoo dot com

Susan Reishus

March 13, 2007

Hello Susan, thanks for visiting my site,
you want to start the Guernsey and Aran knitting? Honestly, I didn’t have too much knowledge about this ( I only knew the Entrelac ), and I am not good in knitting with few colours.

Do you mean you want to find the ISBN of these books, or you want the pattern (gloves? or the Sweater?) from the books?

These books are still available in

Or in YesAsia
(just copy and paste the ISBN number to the search box, and you will see the book with the price shown on the side.)
(they sell these books around US$15-19 each, pretty good though!)


March 13, 2007

hi, I wonder if you could tell me where to get japanese anime costume pattern?

Thanks in advance


August 17, 2007

Hi, I have a question…
I just received my first two Japanese knit books, and I LOVE the patterns! But, in the book I have, they’ve listed the brand of yarn required, but nothing about the weight/thickness of the yarn. How do you know what yarn to use??

Hello, KittyKat, Nice to know that you started using Japanese patterns.
I checked the gauge (tension) that are written in the pattern with the needle size, then, I will try to match with the yarn with similar gauge.
It’s not easy to match though, because Japanese yarns are quite unique and different with the European ones.
The best way is to buy Japanese yarn, but, hard to find them online.

Good luck. 🙂
If you have any further question, feel free to bring it up and share.


November 12, 2007

There is a great site that sells only Japanese knitting books and Japanese yarns!


June 24, 2008

I found another website sells only Japanese knitting books.

They are specialized only Japanese knitting and crafting, so you can find any book in the field in their website and they will order whatever you are looking for you if you don’t see it on their site.

They are selling books online with retail price, but if you are a retailer of yarn store, they sell you Japanese yarns with wholesale price, too.
Their site is very cute!

THanks so much,
I actually love the Japanese yarn more now..However, I am not a yarn store owner, so, I can’t buy their yarn… 😦
too bad…


August 3, 2008

I sell Taiwanese crafting books at my studioshoppe. Come visit my blog.



May 26, 2009

So what is your blog’s link?



January 11, 2010

Hi, Jacqueline, here is Yoonie’s address:


February 16, 2010

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