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New yarns from Knitpicks

March 10, 2007

When I first started to knit socks, I started to love the sock yarn. They are either solid colour or multicolor.

In fact, I do love the multicolour ones better, but I don’t really like the self-patterned ones.

In, I found some good ones with good price!

For the finest yarn that I found in Knitpicks is the following:

Alpaca Cloud - light blue
They have fewer choice of colours in this thickness, and I only love the light blue.
If you look closer to the yarn, it’s not a SOLID blue, it actually mixed with some lighter tone of LIGHT blue.
It enhances a texture feeling. I only bought two skeins as I was not very sure the quality of the yarn.
After I received the package, I found that I shall get more of these, because the touch is soft and the colour is great! I think it should be great for knitting a lace shawl.

Essential Solid - Pumpkin

The Essential solid yarn is cute, I will think of knitting a baby top with this yarn, it’s soft in touch and it’s machine washable ! That’s very great for baby’s knit, because all people say that it’s wise to buy washable yarn for baby, as their clothes are easily get dirty and need to wash more frequently.

Palette yarn

The Palette is also solid yarn, it is 100% Peruvian wool, and should be hand wash and dry flat, I only bought three balls with 3 different colours. I didn’t decide what to knit with those, but, surely something for myself or friends, because it’s not great for babies. I will try to use them to knit socks may be, it will keep our feet warm!


I bought two skeins for each colour of the Gossamer, I love the 2 colour combinations on the right, may be I am a pink and purple lover. For the left most one, it’s called Rocky Mountain Dusk Memories, however, I don’t really love it, because it looks better on the website but different on hand. I will use them to knit socks too.

If you see the prices that were marked in the picture, aren’t they incredible?
only 3.99 each for 440 yards, can you find something like that in other online stores?

So, I am highly recommended you to go to and treat some goodies for yourself or friends. 😀


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Thanks for the Knitpicks review – their yarn is certainly very well priced, but I am interested to hear that you think the quality is good, too.


March 11, 2007

Hi Katie,
Honestly, their quality might not as good as some other good brands, but with that price, what can we expect?
and moreover, I didn’t start to knit with it, really not 100% sure about the outcome, it’s still questionable. (but surely will tell everyone after a project is done with these yarns. )
Thanks for your comment!


March 11, 2007



March 11, 2007

不是的, 只要你找到一些配合得到的pattern便可以用得上, 你也覺得它們很平哦?!


March 11, 2007

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