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Knitting shops that I love…

March 10, 2007


As a knitter, we always love to look for new yarn, new patterns. In Toronto, we do have some nice shops:

1) Romni Wools : the largest yarn store in Downtown area, they have tons of yarn (Rowan, Needful, Misti, Debbie Bliss, Sublime, etc…) and lots of books and magazines. However, they don’t carry hand-painted or hand-dyed sock yarns. It seems like we have to buy those fancy yarn from smaller yarn store.

2) Lettuce Knits : I love this little store, it’s very cozy, warm place to look for your yarn. The store lady is very nice and helpful too. This store carries more fancy sock yarns such as Koigu, Cascade yarn, Fleece Artist ,etc….

3) Knitomatic : it’s located pretty close to Lettuce Knits (also downtown area) , the store is quite similar to Lettuce knits, somehow, they might carry more yarn than Lettuce Knits.

4) Mary’s Yarn: this store is located in Markham area, it’s another cozy store. It carries quite a lot of baby’s yarn (in Baby Room Design) , and the ladies there are very helpful and nice as well.

5) Knitting Basket: it is located in North Toronto (Warden and Finch) , it’s quite similar to Mary’s Yarn store, also carries quite a lot of baby’s yarn and some fancy yarn as well. This store does carries Phildar magazine as well, which is one of my favorite French knitting magazine.

For online stores:

There aren’t many great ones in Canada:

1) Camilla Valley Weaver’s Supply : as introduced before. See Categories: Yarn Shop and fine Camilla Valley Weaver’s supply.

2) Knit ‘N’ Tyme : this online store is the only one that sells Phildar magazine and yarns in Canada. I did order the magazines from this site, the service is good.

3) Ram Wools : I tried to order yarns from this site, however, at that time, they don’t have that yarn in stock, and I gave up to an order there. Although I didn’t buy anything from this site yet, but I was quite sure that their service is good and they carry many good yarns at good price.

4) Pick up sticks : I enjoyed shopping the yarn in this site, they always have some good deals. Last time I bought the Fable Handknit from them , guess how much it cost? It was 9.99 each and now only 5 dollars for each ball. I bought 8 of them. (now , they have no more in stock.) Another good thing about it is the paying method: PayPal, I love this payment method because it is safe and no need to expose my credit card info.

The following are the sites that I love to go and shop:

1) Morehouse Farm : I love their scarf design, it’s very special, and their merino wool is really fantastic!

2) Phildar Website : They now have English version for the website and the pattern magazines. If you go to their French version website, they actually have more pattern magazines that are not translated. I tried to order the French version Baby’s magazine, they are great!! I simply chose the pattern that I want to knit and ask someone to help me to do the translation.

3) The Knitting Garden : I did order Rebecca magazines from this site. I don’t know why Canadian stores do not carry Rebecca Magazines anymore, what a pity! Because Rebecca magazines have trendy patterns (as trendy as Phildar’s designs) and more suitable for age 20- late 30’s .

4) The Pure Knits : It has some good deals on SALE section, it’s good to take a look of that sometimes, and find some goodies for yourself.

5) The Knitpicks : This definitely the very popular site for all knitters because they carry nice yarn with incredible price! I just got the order from them! (will post them in my next article.)

6) last but not least,, or or, or , they are all good for buying discounted books. I don’t know why they always have discounts on books, but, if you can wait for few days or few weeks (depend on availability ) , it worths to buy books from them at a cheaper price and save up shipping cost.


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Hi there!

I love your site but I noticed that the link to ours is an old one we removed a while ago. It currently gives a security certificate warning. The current link is:

Camilla Valley Farm


Nina Manners

September 18, 2007

Romni Wools has some great merino wool yarns btw. Great for outdoor clothing and such. Thanks for the list very useful!

Mr. Outdoors

February 10, 2008

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