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Yarn Dyeing FUN!

March 12, 2007

When I browsed the websites and blogs, I found that yarn dyeing was really fun, and really want to try it on our own.

Before I tried it, I wanted to know which dyeing method is the easiest and cheapest (you know, if you don’t like the outcome of the colour, you won’t feel too bad because the cost isn’t that much.)

I searched for few websites and found out the following:
1) using the dyeing kit, with yarn, colours inside.


2) using Koolaid, this is good, it’s cheap and they have many colours.

3) Rit dye, country Classics and Gaywool dyes, etc.

For the first try, I did want to use the Koolaid, there are few websites introduce this method:

1) in

2) in SnowAngels , she posted the whole instruction with pictures, very clear with some samples too.

3) in , it has information for both stovetop method and microwave method.

The links on the above are all very good for references.

Angel and I tried to dye one skein of yarn tonight, it’s FUN! (However, we are not using Koolaid, she brought her own food color dyes.)

She showed me how to dye. (as following)

Prepare the materials for dyeing:pair of gloves, yarn, dyes, acid (e.g. vinegar), and big containers.

soaking the yarn into water

Add some water to the container and add few drops of acid, then soak the yarn with the mixture for a while.

add blue colour

We planned to have a light purple yarn, so , first of all we add the blue colour dye into the water (in another container).

blue dye

Here you can see the dye is dissolving in the water.

add red colour

Then, we add little red dye to it, if you find that the colour of the water is a bit too dark, you can remove 1/4 of the mixture and add some clear water in to lighten the colour.

the yarn is ready for dyeing

Now, the mixture is ready for dyeing, and then soaked yarn is read too (pour out the acid water from the container). Put the yarn into the colour mixture container, and make sure the water cover up all the yarn you want to dye. microwave

Put the container with yarn and mixture into the microwave and heat for 2 minutes.

IF the colour runs out from the water (that means you can see the water is CLEAR.) it’s done, otherwise, put it back into the microwave and heat it again, until the water in the container is clear.


For this time, we only heat once, and the yarn is fully dyed with light purple.

It’s a mixed of white, pink and purple, because the colour dye was not fully dissolved in the water, so the yarn was not fully dyed with light purple. Well, Angel and I love this combination though, so we decide to keep it like that.

Next step, wash it throughly , hang it to dry and ready to knit. 🙂

IT’s easy and fun!!!

we will definitely find more nice yarn in the future and dye more nice colored yarn together. 🙂

(Thanks Angel for bringing so many materials and containers to my house, you are so helpful!)


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March 12, 2007



March 12, 2007

是很好玩的, 不過, 不是很多人喜歡自己染, 都是外面買現成的較方便嘛!

我們是用微波爐, 不是烤箱, 所以不會著火的. 哈!
再者, 兩分鐘後的水都仍是暖的, 不會灼傷手! 🙂


March 12, 2007

I had so much fun tonight! By looking at the pictures, it reminds me of the wonderful times we spent together!! The yarn is now drying in my laundry room. It looks soft and pastel like. I just need to think of what to knit with it. What do you think of the pattern you copied from the latest Phildar magazine?! I can try bigger needles so I will have enough yarn, as you know this colour is not repeatable! What do you think?

Thank you for sharing with me. I had a lot of fun tonight!


March 12, 2007

Yes, Angel, we just had a very fun time last night.
Yeah, I think that light purple new dyed yarn should be great on Phildar’s Shrug. Try it, that pattern is extremely easy, and as you said, it’s a MUST KNIT!


March 13, 2007

1 notes

  1. Hand-Dye Yarn in a Shrug « Angel’s Knits reblogged this and added:

    […] Hand-Dye Yarn in a Shrug Published May 27th, 2007 Hand Dye Yarn , RYC , Phildar , Shrug , Top , Rowan , Knit My hand-dye yarn is finally done!  It took me quite a while to finish this piece.  The actual knitting of the body is not bad at all, it was a border that took a long time. The pattern was from the Summer 07 Phildar magazine, but I didn’t have enough yarn, so I knit as I go.  The border was Rowan RYC Cashsoft in which the colour matches perfectly with my hand-dye colour which I was very happy with.  However, the border took me a long time to finish and I frogged like 5 times.  After I finished the piece I figured it curled, so I added a crochet picot border…but it didn’t help and it curled again.  Then I picked up stitches and made a k2p2  border, but it was too small so it curled in and I couldn’t even stand up straight.  I then put it aside for the longest time and didn’ teven want to look at it.  This weekend, I had decided to play with it again and I picked up more stitches and also added more stitches by around half an inch and it’s finally done!    Here’s the back of it: For whoever that’ s interested in hand dye yarn, this is a merino wool yarn from Knitpicks and I dyed this yarn together with my best friend Craftlover, and the process of dying process can be find here. […]

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