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“MANGO” cardigan (unfinished)

March 20, 2007

I started this Mango Cardigan two days ago, pattern from Nashua’s BLOOM 2007.

Mango cardigan (unfinished)

Although this pattern isn’t very fancy one, but I love to try new ways to knit.

As you can see, I already knit the bottom part and the sleeves. For the next step, I have to join all these parts together and then knit the shoulder and neck section. To those professional knitters, they would think this is nothing “NEW” though, but to me, this is new. I usually knit the cardigan in this way: back, front and sleeves, and then sew them together. In this case, seems like sewing is minimum.

Why did I call this cardigan “Mango”? Because of the color that I chose looks like “Mango milkshake” (I love it!), it is sharp, bright ; I think, it should look good on babies.

Mango cardigan (unfinished) detail

The size of this cardigan is for 12 months baby.

The yarn that I used is new for Spring 2007, Filati, Carezza: 100% cotton, 85 metres/93 yards. (it only costs 3.95 each!) Color: 6, bright orange.

Pattern: Nashua, BLOOM, Spring and Summer 2007, “Cardigan”, p. 17.

Let see how long I will take to finish this cardigan (hopefully tonight!)


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Your new way of knittig will save the part you hate the most – sewing!!! I hope you will be successful and by the time you master this skill, you got to show me!
Happy knitting, Mango Mom!


March 20, 2007

Haha, what a name for me . 🙂 Mango mom. 🙂
I love it.
In fact, if we change all colors to Fruit names, it’s funny.
I love PINK, Orange, purple and blue.
So, it can be Strawberry, orange/mango, grape and blueberry. 🙂
Nice… very fresh and sweet:D


March 20, 2007



March 21, 2007

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