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The HOODIE (unfinished)

March 22, 2007

After finishing the Mango cardigan, I can’t wait to use the new yarn to knit the Hoodie for my baby.
This time, the size is for a 6 months baby, so , which means it is much much smaller.

It’s so cute even though the hoodie is not finished yet.

Here I would like to share some pictures of this unfinished Hoodie.

The hood (front)

the hood (back)

the pocket (front)

The pocket again, view from inside, need to sew it at the end.

yarn tissa

The yarn that I chose for this Hoodie: LANG – Tissa, 100% cotton.

IT’s really great!

Pattern: Nashua – BLOOM, Spring and Summer 2007, Hoodie.

Yarn: LANG – Tissa, 100% cotton. 


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March 23, 2007

So pretty already, and I love the mango cardi too !!
I’m jeamous of all your FOs ! There’s this baby cardi I’ve started and HAVE to finish before sunday and I’ve not done half of it yet !! Arghh !!


March 23, 2007

Sandy, This is not my own design, I forgot to put the book’s name in my article, I updated it again, it’s from the same pattern book as my Mango Cardigan. 🙂

Sylvie, Thanks for your compliment, I have lots of time during this pregnancy period, and I just fall in love to knit baby stuffs, they are fast and cute. 🙂
I Hope you can finish yours before Sunday. 😀


March 23, 2007

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