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Knitting – what I love and don’t love.

March 23, 2007

It’s fun to knit, but, I still have some loves and hates.

What I love:

1) challenging pattern

2) Lace pattern

3) baby cute patterns

4) go shopping for yarns, just love to see and touch the yarns. Both of my friend Angel and I wished to be a part-time or something in the yarn store, so that I can touch the yarn more often. We even want to open a store to sell yarn, and dream that we might have special discounts on buying the yarn as a wholesale.

5) Knit with the yarn and color that I love. If I have no choice to pick the yarn and color, I might refuse to knit with those I don’t like. Yeah, I know that I am picky here.

6) Patterns with CLEAR instructions and diagram.

GOOD THINGS ABOUT KNITTING (in my point of view):

– you can wear what you knit, it’s very functional.

– you can knit something for friends and family, handmade things are sweet and warm: it’s very meaningful.

– Kill time, I shouldn’t say that, but, sometimes, it really helps me to kill time.

– It’s a very healthy hobby, yeah, we will be addicted to it, but, since we are not a machine, we know when to stop if our hands cramp.

– You can meet many new knitting friends and share the good and bad things about knitting. The main point is: we can share ideas!

– Never feel bored to knit, because there are millions of patterns in the world, and many new ones are coming up in each season. There are just so much to learn and knit!

What I don’t enjoy:

1) using double points, ha, interesting, I love knitting socks, hats, but, I don’t really enjoy to hold more than 2 needles at a time.

2) cables: they are nice motif in a pattern, however, again, I don’t enjoy to use more than 2 needles.

3) Patterns with strange instructions, sometimes, I found that the Rebecca and Phildar magazines do have some strange instructions that really cause frustrations. However, their patterns are nice, so, I have to overcome this.

4) I don’t like to knit something with only KNIT & PURL (garter stitch, or St stitch only) , it’s quite boring and tiring to repeat the same pattern over and over. That’s why I prefer lace pattern.

5) Men’s knit, so sorry to say that, but , honestly, their patterns are usually very dull and less innovative, however, their size is much bigger than I thought (especially for my husband) , I already started two vests for him, but they are now in my storage room, never show up again.

6) sewing, my sewing skill is weak, I always wish I would knit without sewing.

– How about you then? –

Bad things about Knitting:

– when you are too addicted to knitting, you might ignore the people around you, so, make sure you have a good time management.

– If you are too addicted to buy new patterns and yarns, make sure you have enough money, otherwise, you will broke ! (yarn and pattern books can be very expensive)

~ Lastly, Did  anyone know try any site that offer “stash trading”???
I am wondering if it is good to trade my old stash through the net.Thanks!

I found the following links: 


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I just stumbled across your blog through my google alert that I have set up for entrelac socks and I wanted to comment about a couple of the things that you write that you don’t like about knitting. I hope that you will find it useful and not annoying! First, if you don’t like to knit socks on double points, you can try 2 circs or the magic loop method. I have found though, that I really love knitting on the short 5 inch double points and they turn out to be the quickest method of all since you don’t spend as much time sliding the stitches around. Second, you might find knitting cables without a cable needle to be much easier than all the fuddling around with the cable needle. There is a lot of good info on the internet on how to do it. I learned in an Annie Modesett class. She tells a whole story to go with with the stitches are doing.

I have to say that I totally agree with you about the men’s sweaters! Way too large and boring!

Well, I hope you don’t mind my commenting as this was the only post that I read besides to scan through and look at your absolutely stunning photography! I love your page header and the way you sign your photos!


March 23, 2007

first of all, I am very glad to have your comment here, I shall appreciate that you typed that much to give me ideas. In fact, I know that dpns is the best way to knit the socks, I think, once I get used to it, it will be ok. As for the cable knitting, I will search the internet and the good way to knit without cables. (That’s interesting!) Thanks for your compliments. Please come and give comments, I would love to learn more from experts like you. 🙂
I did visit your blog too, your entrelac socks are beautiful! You are very talented!


March 23, 2007




March 23, 2007

一來很是實用, 實際,
二來又可以是一種興趣, 培養自己的耐性和毅力
又可以學到很多新的技巧, 一點也不沉悶,


再者, 謝謝你有禮物給小bb,很神祕喔! 🙂


March 24, 2007

I hate knitting for men, too. The arms just go on and on. I never knew that men had gorilla arms before I knit for them!


March 24, 2007

Yeah, I totally agree with you.
if you want to use NICE YARN (expensive) for men knitting, it will be really costly!


March 24, 2007

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