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New Yarn, new pattern & new cast on.

March 24, 2007

I finally cleaned up my stash and brought all my unwanted yarn to the store for a credit note.
Romni Wool has a very great service on exchanging, they won’t give you a hard time on returning, as long as your yarn is keeping in good shape.

My credit note is around $300 !

I spent some on buying yarn, book and needles today, and still have $117 left! (I can save them up for next visit!)

I brought 3 different kinds of yarn:
1) Debbie Bliss – Cashmerino chunky in yellow colour

2) Rowan handknit cotton in pink

3) LANG Tissa – multi-brown colour.

They are all for my future baby knits. πŸ™‚

rowan magazine

I also got the latest Rowan magazine as well, it’s so good, at least, I can find more than 6 patterns that I want to knit in the future.

Chevron Cardigan in the book

For the new pattern that I am going to start is the Chevron Cardigan by Nashua BLOOM. The yarn that I am going to use is the LANG tissa.

“The cardigan is worked sideways in two halves. Each half-back begins at center back, with a provisional cast on, and is worked out to the shoulder. Each front begins with the front bands and chevron patter, and is worked out to the shoulder. The back and front are joined by casting on stitches in between them for the sides of the neck and worked together to the beginning of the sleeve. The sleeves are each worked from the shoulder down to the cuff.” (excerpt from the pattern)

After reading the above NOTES from the pattern, it sounds very challenging, and in fact, this pattern is rated for “experienced knitters”. It’s time for challenge!

So, what’s provisional cast on?

provisional cast on
this is my first time to do this. Again , with the great help of the search engine, I found that there are two useful sites that I would recommended:

1) in “Eunny Knit! “, you will find few ways to do this provisional cast on, and I used the Invisible Crochet Cast On II.

2) in – they have VIDEO clips on teaching how to do this, it’s very useful too!

So, back to my cardi knitting now, and will see if I can take this challenge!


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I just found your blog via WordPress’ Tag Surfer. I learned the provisional cast on not too long ago for toe up socks (magic loop method). Anyway, I think it makes me look very skilled as a knitter.

Also love KnittingHelp videos. Very useful stuff.

The Mommy

March 25, 2007

δ½ ηš„ι€ŸεΊ¦ηœŸηš„ζ˜―η„‘δΊΊθƒ½εŠε”·!


March 25, 2007

I miss romni, I used to shop there when I was at Sheridan. I went in the fall (it took me most of the day to find them) & I was so overwhelmed by the choices I left without a purchase. My husband thought it was nuts but it felt like home to me!


March 25, 2007

The mommy, Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚ I am so glad to meet more new friends (especially knitters!). I agree with you, when you overcome some challenges, you will find that you are one step closer to a skilled knitter!

Sandy, Yeah, this is a new project for my baby again. I just love to knit baby stuffs, they are just too cute!

Elan, will you come to Toronto again? You shouldn’t miss their discount yarn down in the basement, there are so many good stuffs there! And they also have many new yarns come in, VERY YUMMY!!
The men never (OR those people who don’t knit) understand why we can stay so long in the store. That’s why I always ask my husband to bring a book with him and have a NICE coffee in Second Cup (just next to Romni), he enjoys a lot in this way. πŸ™‚


March 25, 2007

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