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Custom Labels (sew-on labels for my handknits)

March 25, 2007

In these two days, I was searching the net to find a shop to do sew-on labels (custom made), however, they are pretty costly. While I was still waiting for my friend’s feed back about this (I already emailed a friend to ask where he did his labels.) , I found a site teaching how to make my own custom labels. It’s really good!

What you need is inkjet printer (I already have one) , some satin ribbons (also have some), Dritz® Fray Check (which I don’t have) ,iron-on transfer for inkjet paper and iron (I have both of them).

That’s it!

Here is the link for this custom labels tutorial : (thank you Anie for showing this great method, you are actually helping me to save lots of money for making a unique label.)

Isn’t it interesting? I will try to design my own label, and get the Fray check soon.

OR: does anyone know where to order custom labels in a reasonable price?

Here is my design:

knitting label

Which one do you like better?

note: I already tried this iron-on method to make the labels, however, the outcome isn’t that great, reason is: I am not very good in controlling the iron. That means I can’t fully transfer the whole label to the satin ribbon. I will try few more times and see.  (But the color looks really great on the ribbon! I love it!)


What do you think?

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I love the top one — the yellow really stands out against the blue…

Thanks for the link to the half-price knit shop. I’ve been wanting some Noro for so long but can’t afford it. Now I can!


March 25, 2007

Geckogrrl, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
I love the top one and the second one, they both stand out nicely on the ribbon. Thanks for your vote!

Yeah, Knit Happens has many good deals there, you love the Noro yarn? They have it on sale too. You are so lucky!!


March 25, 2007

i vote for the top too. tho the 2nd one could be nice for menswear items. the last one….not enough contrast. if the green were bolder, it would work.


March 25, 2007

Thanks, Mermaids, your vote is great 🙂


March 27, 2007

I vote for the first or second – I think the text doesn’t really stand out on the third.


March 27, 2007

Thanks Katie, yeah, many people said that the text doesn’t stand out clearly on the third. If I really want to go for the third one, I have to adjust the green… Thanks 🙂


March 27, 2007

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