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Habu Habu – knit & Purl scarf

March 26, 2007

I think some of you heard this brand HABU before, their yarn types are so different but very elegant.

I ordered some Habu Cotton yarn from Kpixie few weeks ago, but didn’t start any project with it yet.

Suddenly (while I was knitting the cardigan), I had a thought, I wanted to knit a scarf with this Extra fine Habu cotton.

I have six colors : pink, orange, olive green, light green, light blue and light grey (purple) .


I picked the light blue and grey out for this scarf.

Firstly cast on 40 stitches on 5.5mm needles (yeah, bigger needles have bigger holes, and it will have a lacy effect!)

Then , just KNIT & PURL , that’s it! Extremely easy!!

habu scarf in blue only

This yarn is extremely light, feels like I am holding the needles only.

It will be really good for the coming Spring and Summer!!


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Gorgeous, I look but I can’t justify the price right now. I need to do a proposal with their yarns so a magazine can pay for it & let me knit it.


March 26, 2007



March 26, 2007

Elan, yeah, check it out … I am sure you will love it. But, this yarn is comparably more expensive than others, hopefully the magazine will approve your proposal.

Sandy, Right, the texture of the yarn is very much like paper. but, it’s actually cotton. Can you believe it?


March 27, 2007

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