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Chevron cadigan (Left half only)

March 27, 2007

chevron detail

After changing the yarn from the brown to beige, it really looks a lot better!

I just finished the left half of the piece this morning, and just fall in love with the chevron detail.

I modified the cuff style, in the pattern: garter stitches, but my modification is: I added the chevron pattern to it again. It looks very elegant and more lively with the bobbles.left half unfold

It looks like this when unfolded. It looks a bit strange, right?
Let me explain how it works in the following:

chevron left half explaination

1st step: knit the LEFT BACK with provisional cast on.

2nd step: knit the LEFT FRONT with chevron pattern.

3rd step: Join these two pieces together by cast on 15 sts between them for the side neck.

4th step: cast off part of the left back and front for the sleeves. At the same time I added the chevron pattern again for the cuff. (it was supposedly just garter stitch – knit 5 rows, I found it too plain. )

5th step: start from the provisional cast on that was done at the very beginning, and finish off the RIGHT HALF in a similar manner as the left half.

I love this pattern, it’s so much different from the traditional ones. It’s much more fun to knit cardigan in this way. (and less sewing work again, just need to sew the side and sleeves seams, that’s it!)

left half folded

Here is a picture showing the left half folded.


Pattern: NASHUA BLOOM, Chevron Cardigan, p. 24-25.

Yarn: Needful KIM , up to now, I only used 1.5 balls.


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Wow, what interesting construction. Thanks for the explaination, I was trying to figure out how it all fits together!


March 27, 2007

I have to say thank you too, because from your site, I finally know where to get the percent bar button!! It looks great in our blogs. 🙂



March 27, 2007

This colour is very nice and your instructions is very clear! I am tempted to try something like this for adult sizes. I should check on line but what’s the benefit of this cast on (provisional??) Your extra bobbles are sure lovely and one of a kind! Gosh, you’re a fast knitter!


March 29, 2007

Ha, in fact, I wanted to knit something for myself with the same pattern too. The KIM cotton yarn is just perfect on this pattern too. The benefit for this provisional cast on is a temporary cast on (used when the knitting will continue in both directions from the cast-on.) That means this cast on is not a “DEAD-END”, it goes both ways. Some people also use this cast on to knit the sock (from toe up) (I will show that in my next article, but, you have to wait until I finish off the cardigan.)
When the pattern is nice, we would want to go faster and see the final look of the piece.


March 29, 2007

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