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Chevron cadigan (left & right halves)

April 1, 2007

I love to start new projects at any time, even though I still have many projects on needles.

But, I told myself, I should finish one by one, and try to avoid creating ‘never end’ projects.

So, I kind of pushed myself to finish off this cute chevron cardigan as soon as possible.

For this weekend, I continued to work on the right half of the cardigan.

Starting from the provisional cast on that I did at the very beginning of the piece.

I took away the crochet chain (waste orange yarn), and then transfer the loops to the needle.

Then, knit the right half from there!

The lower part is what I did for left half,

and the upper part is the right half.

After folding the knitting into half, you can clearly see the shape of the cardigan here.

Things I still need to do :

1) sew side and sleeve seams.

2) Lower edging

3) neck edging

4) sew buttons and weave the ends.

In this book, it also provides the pattern for the hat with the same chevron pattern, I am thinking about it if I still have yarn left.


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That is coming along beautifully. What interesting construction!


April 1, 2007



April 1, 2007

I really like that! Where did you find the pattern?


April 2, 2007

Emilee and myhobbyisyarn :
this pattern is really interesting,
sorry that I forgot to add the source of this pattern:
Pattern book: Nashua BLOOM, Spring and Summer 2007
The designer used different ways to knit sweater and cardigan, I think it’s good to have this book in your library if you like baby /kid knits.
I already knitted 3 projects in this pattern book.
I feel great!


April 2, 2007

Honestly, I found this way of knitting is Interesting,
and save up time on sewing the seams for the shoulder section.
I think for the speed: it’s almost the same, but, once you get used to this method, it can be faster than the normal way.


April 2, 2007

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