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One of a kind show – nice!!

April 1, 2007

Just got back from the One of a kind show in Toronto downtown area.

It’s a nice trip, although we had to pay $10 for entrance (I paid through the net and had $2 discount, it was supposedly $12 for adult ticket.)

I walked from aisle A to Q, and there are quite few of the booths caught my eyes.

They had many baby’s stuffs in this Spring show, they are just so cute and lovable, however, I didn’t buy anything for that, because they are way too expensive than I expected.

For example: leather bib – Cdn$32.95

What I think is: Isn’t it COTTON bib easier for cleaning??
isn’t it too luxury to use Leather bib for a baby?!
it’s cute, but, too fancy though.

There are many nice t-shirts with nice printing on them, however, because they are ‘designs’, they usually cost $55 for one simple t-shirt. (worth or not? oh well, I think I won’t go for it.)

I also passed quite a few of the knitting booth, but, their products aren’t the trendy ones, so, I didn’t really go in and check out the prices.

Personally, I love handbags a lot, so, there are two handbag booths really catch my eyes:

1) Pink Pamplemousse

Cdn$ 110


Cdn $95

I love her designs : very simple graphic designs, elegant shape of the bags and love the wooden handles as well.

2) Prickly Pear

Cdn $70 (lined with elegant floral fabric)

I love its cut-out handle style, and the birdie on the tote, it’s simple and cute!

Cdn $75 , also lined with nice beautiful fabric.

I told my husband that I really love these bags, but, I think I won’t buy them with 2 reasons:

For that price, I think, I would get something made of leather instead, if it’s made of fabric, it’s bit too high the price. I know that they are one of a kind, if I were the designer, I think I will set the price like that too. As a consumer, I always something NICE but also with reasonable price.
Second, I told my husband that we’ve a sewing machine at home, why not buy some nice fabric and make the bags and totes on my own?? It’s one of a kind too!!
So, lastly, we both agree to leave our hands empty when we leave the show.

I have few books (Japanese) about sewing (including dresses, bags, baby clothing etc.) , and I shall start sewing after pregnancy.

Any good shops with nice , trendy, cute fabrics (any suggestions?)

After the show, I have many thoughts:

1) did the artists earn money in this show??

2) I wished I could be one of the artists in the show, having my own booth to sell my own designs..

(I start dreaming again…)

look at this: I searched about the price of the booths:

the cheapest one, also the smallest one : 5′ x 10′, guess how much for it?

$1329 (for full 4 days show) !! (really wonder if the artists can recover the cost by selling their stuffs in the show?!)

This is only the price for Spring show, for the December Christmas Show, it’s even more expensive: $1732 (for 11 days show)

You are interested to this?
download the application then:


What do you think?

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I’m confused. You complain about the prices of the one of a kind handmade items… You say you would price the same but you say you want something more resonable. As an artisan (not clothing or handbags) I know that these are very good prices; you just can’t put it up against something that is mass produced in some third world country. As you can see the one of a kind show is a major expense in itself. Your dream of wiping out the sewing machine will teach you how hard this stuff is to do. If you enjoy it, go ahead but my bet is that you find that it would have been cheaper (if you pay yourself 5 bucks an hour for your time) to support a local designer. Things not made in China are expensive; we are to adjusted to Gap and H & M prices that don’t accurately reflect things.

Andrew C

May 29, 2007

IT’s different to be a designer and a consumer.
When you are a designer , you want to sell a better price (get more profit) , as a consumer , you want to buy cheaper stuff with good quality. This is a contradiction. I understand how you feel about my complain, it’s very confusing. Sorry that I confused you.

But, honestly, it’s not easy to be a designer and sell things with the price that the consumers “AGREE” with.


May 29, 2007

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