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Rusted Root – just started!

April 8, 2007

I just started the sweater Rusted Root (, it’s great!

  (picture from

I love new way of knitting, this time, I have to knit from top to bottom with circular needles. That means I am going to knit the front, back and sleeves at one time, no sewing is needed. HOW GREAT!!


1) Sleeve section

2) Back of the sweater

3) the floral motif at the front

4) the front of the sweater







Since this is my first time to knit a sweater in this way, I thought: would it be very tricky?

After knitting the first section (up to underarm section), I found it quite easy to follow. Of course, a good pattern instruction is important, this pattern is quite good to understand. (Except one point while repeat Round 1, but I already checked out the answer from the forum in the their own website.)The only thing that I am not used to is that it takes a while to finish one round, (because there are so many stitches after rows of increasing) but then you will find the round smaller because the sleeve section is done, and just continue a simple St st and the floral motif.

I hope I can finish this off by this week, although I might not able to wear it this Spring (due to my pregnancy), but may be in the late summer or early Fall, I can wear it out !

The yarn that I used is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (follow the suggestion in the pattern). I love this yarn, it’s soft and easy to knit. I love its solid rigid colour as well.

Pattern: Rusted Root by Sarah Johnson & Rachel Iverson, available in their own website. (US$5.5)
Yarn: Brown sheep Cotton Fleece, colour: 220 Provincial Rose
Size: small size


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April 8, 2007

Yeah, this knitting method is interesting,again, away from the traditional way. I love trying new things, you know. You are right, the sleeves style is very different too, like a little princess.


April 9, 2007

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