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Crewel (1) – Tulip Top

April 11, 2007

When I updated my ‘library thing’ two days ago, I found that I had a book hidden on my shelf that I didn’t touch for a long long time.

It was “The New Crewel” by Katherine Shaughnessy.

Before I started knitting, I used to like embroidery, but then, I found that knitting is much more fun

I flipped the book over and over, she has so many great designs that I can’t stop myself not trying it.

So, I went to Michaels and bought some more DMC thread for this crewel work.

She suggested to use Crewel Wool ,however, it’s kind of hard to find them in Toronto. (really don’t know why?)
so, I chose the DMC cotton thread instead, because of different type of thread, it looks differently too.

Of course, it looks much better in the book, mine is just a tryout, and my embroidery skill still needs some work on it.

I just finished it few seconds ago. I love it. I like her simple personal design very much.

I will cut out this square out and then sew it into my cushion cover. I think it will look good on it.

There are few more wonderful designs, whenever I feel tired to knit, I will switch my project to this crewel.


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Congratulations on your crewel craft! I love flower designs, and yours is so cute! Do you have to fill in all the flowers? It looks very complicated to me and I am proud of you! Keep trying and hope I can see them as your cushion cover when I come over for visit!


April 12, 2007

I used to really enjoy embroidery and cross stitch, but also left them for knitting! This project looks fun, though, and the cheerful design is contemporary. I may have to give that a try again sometime.


April 15, 2007

Angel, I love flower designs too, this is the cute one,not the classics ones. 🙂 Oh, if I follow the pattern in the book, it looks exactly like this, some of them are outlined only, so, I don’t need to fill in all the flowers. hehe I will do more embroidery now, because it’s less tiring than knitting.

Crafty Rachel, It’s good to give a try for this book, the design is simple and contemporary, compare with the classic ones, it consumes less time and energy (and less wool.)


April 15, 2007

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