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Weaving – a very first try!

April 15, 2007

My friend from Hong Kong bought me a very very simple (for kids I guess) hand weaving machine. It’s cute.
I received this gift more than a year, but still didn’t touch it because I don’t know how to weave.

Today, I found the machine from my craft box, and gave a try on it!

It’s fun, however, the machine is a bit too ‘simple’ and ‘basic’, it’s kind of hard to weave nicely. But at least, I know what weaving is.

I tried to weave with my hemp yarn, I think linen is better if I want to embroider something on it.
so, I will see how it goes after a little piece of hemp square is done.

If I love it, may be I will think about buying a larger weaving machine (not the floor loom ones, just the table loom.)
I checked the price with Camilla Valley farm, they have many choices of looms for sell. The cheapest one is The Leclerc Bergere, it’s only $165 US, it’s not too bad.

(does anyone know anywhere selling basic table loom with a cheaper price?)

Oh, I won’t buy the weaving machine in a short future, I need more time to experience it, and I know I have too many things in my workshop room now, I better cut off some of my interests…but, wait, I love making crafts so much, it’s kinda ‘impossible’ for me to stop learning NEW THINGS?!

Anyway, have to hold this temptation at this moment…. I need God’s Help!!


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April 16, 2007

What a great start to weaving. These little looms work really well. You can try using different colours to make stripes or different yarns to create texture easily on these looms. Hope you manage to get a good table loom!


April 16, 2007

Sandy, the name for the chinese sounds funny to me, yeah, the people use the bigger one (floor loom) to weave, and they can weave a very very big rug, or shawl..or a fabric to sew clothing too. That’s very powerful!

Kaz, Since I am planning to embroider something on top of it, so, for the 1st try, I will not mix color, but next time, I will mix with other color to make a little pattern and texture for that. It will definitely look nicer. (I hope I can get a bigger loom….)


April 16, 2007

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