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2 new books!

April 16, 2007

Just got the shipment today for my 2 new books.
1) Baby knits kit by Sara Lucas (it was $ 34.95, now only $22.02)

DO you think it’s expensive? Depends on what you think, baby knits are now popular because they are cute, fast to finish and it’s a great idea for gifts! This is not a book but  a little kit, I like they put the projects in this way: a box containing with folded cards, each card has one project instruction. In this kit, it also comes with a skein of yellow snuggly yarn, and a pair of circular needles with one marker as well. Besides the project cards, it has a little booklet of all knitting, crocheting, stitching method, it’s a helpful book for beginners.  There are few projects that I want to knit for my baby.

The one on the left is Oceanic Baby bunting, it combines with knitting, applique, crochet and i-cord…. it’s cute!

The elephant stuffing toy is cute, in the card, she said that you can adjust the size of the ears and nose, then it will become a PIG. ha, what a cute idea!

The bib again! But, this is a different one, and I love the center design, it combines the cross-stitch work here!

What a nice OWL puppet here!! isn’t it CUTE??
I would love to knit this and tell stories to my future kid.. I am sure my kid will love it!

2) Fitted Knits, (it was Cdn $27.99, now only $16.88) 

I think most of the knitters know this new book already, and the projects inside are quite good though, there are 25 designs, personally ,I think I love half of them, so, it worths to buy and keep this book. 🙂

If you want to see more designs or work from this author: Stefanie Japel, you can go and visit her blog: 

(it includes the errata  in this book)


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Those baby knits are adorable!


April 16, 2007

Yeah, I hope I can knit them soon. 🙂 (can’t wait for them, but I’ve got to finish those on the needles first… )


April 16, 2007

I love the owl puppet!


April 17, 2007

Yeah, it’s so cute, and so lovely!! I will definitely knit this for my baby!!!


April 17, 2007

Sara Lucas designs for us and she is an amazing designer. I need to get this book for our store!


April 21, 2007

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