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4 New books from Taiwan bookstore!

April 17, 2007

Yeah, I know I am a bit crazy on buying books,

but, since I wanted to learn how to embroidery and find more nice cute patterns, I have to search from Japanese and Taiwanese styles as well.

I found 4 books from Taiwan Bookstore (knitting books link) , (Embroidery books link) and they are quite good!!
I love them all.

The first one is in Chinese:

It’s all about bags and skirts! There is nothing about embroidery, but the pattern inside is quite simple designed, so, I think it’s a great idea to add embroidery designs on them too.

This book is cheap! Actually Taiwanese books are quite cheap and affordable to buy and keep them in your library! You don’t really need to understand Chinese, because there are lots of instructions in diagrams, which is easy to follow. Moreover, if you have sewing experience, it’s not a problem to understand the pattern by just looking at the pictures. (some people can do that: sew and knit by just looking at the picture, no need to follow the pattern! How amazing! )

Here are few excerpts from the book:

ISBN : 978-986-703-920-0 (NT$ 380)

2) This is actually translated from Japanese version, since the Taiwanese version is cheaper, so, I bought the Chinese one.

Don’t by mislead by the “Cats & Dogs”, it’s not knitting or sewing for dogs and cats, it means embroidery pattern with dogs and cats figures. They are soooo cute!

Here are some excerpts of the book:

ISBN: 986-7863-97-6 (NT$ 280)
3) Very Japanese style embroidery book.

I like this one very much too, why? Just because of its oriental shapes. You can’t find them in the internet freebies, nor any Western embroidery books, right? So, this is the only way I can find them in the Japanese bookstore!

ISBN: 427734108X (NT$ 720)

4) 500 Embroidery stitches book.

This book has 500 different stitches on figures, shapes, floral motives, letters & numbers… etc. Full instructions on basic stitches are also included. I think this is a very handy for an embroider, and the style is close to the French ones (which you always see in the Maria Clarie Idees magazine.).

ISBN: 4021904093 (NT$ 616)


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I would love to have some books like this, but they are so hard to find and order! These crafts and clothing and bags…. all of it… I love the style!


April 17, 2007

Hello Holly,

You love these designs too?
So do I!!
but, you are right, it’s hard to find them …

I think the best way is to order them ONLINE.
You can try the bookstore that I linked (Taiwanese bookstore)
but if you have problem to read the Chinese,
then, you can try (which is Japanese, but they have limited English translation)
OR: , they have many nice Japanese craft books as well, they do have English translation, and the price is pretty reasonable too.

if you need more info ,let me know…
OR : you can go to my website and check out the links for online knitting shops (bookstores)
“Where to buy Japanese pattern books? (& see my collection!)”

Hope you can get something you want!! 🙂


April 17, 2007

I love books too 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to share your blog in English 🙂


April 18, 2007

Thanks so much for the info!!!! You are awesome!!


April 18, 2007

I can read, but I’m a bit confused about the way they ship on the Taiwanese site. For local shipping, they drop off the books at 7-11, don’t they? What about international shipping? Do they ship to your doorstep or do they drop it off at 7-11 too?


April 16, 2009

If you are living in Taiwan, of course you can pick up at 7-11, but if you living out of Taiwan, then they will ship to you by air or express service.
I live in Canada, and they use UPS for delivering the parcel to my HOUSE (DIRECTLY to your door) .
They won’t drop off at 7-11 or anywhere else internationally.


April 18, 2009

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