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Banana Bread

April 17, 2007

We have many bananas at home, so, tonight, I made a banana bread for my family.

The recipe is very very simple.

Ingredients: vegetable oil, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, bananas, all-purpose flour and baking soda. That’s it!

I can’t put too much details of the recipe here, because of copyright thing.

The recipe is from : “The Bread Bible”, Beth hensperger.

There are 300 favorite recipes inside, they are all yummy and not too hard to make.

I love making bread last year, however, after pregnancy, I tend to feel tired to stand too long in the kitchen, and didn’t make any bread for a long time.

Banana Bread is the easiest bread to make, and I think most of us love this.

I didn’t add any nut to it, because I don’t really enjoy eating the bread with nuts inside.


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Does Vincent love Banana bread too? I enjoy it too but I got a lot of pound cake, muffins from work so I rarely bake at home after I am working at this place.
Have you ever thought of this…they call it Banana Bread, but it’s not a bread! It’s more like a cake/pound cake. 😛
Enjoy it, it looks yummy!


April 18, 2007

Mmm. That looks delicious! I’ll have to see if my library has a copy of the book.


April 19, 2007

Angel, Vincent loves Banana Bread as well,(You are right, the texture is actually ‘cake’ like, not really like bread though) ..hey, we love banana bread with real banana, not from the favor hehehhehe… :)just kidding.

Katie, Yeah, check it out, it’s a great book!!


April 20, 2007

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