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Craft Lover

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April 19, 2007

Finally WordPress add “SLIDE.COM” in our blog system.. and we can use it now!!

How nice!!

This is the slide show of all my Japanese knitting and crochet books!


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Ooh, those slide shows look really nice. I’ll have to try it out!


April 19, 2007

Yeah , try it out. it’s cool!


April 20, 2007

Thanks for the comment! I put you on my bloglines list. I would like to do some of these slideshows too. Come and see our store too! Have you seen our One Planet store? I am not saying that to push it, honestly!!! I was searching for international dyers… If you come across any, let me know ok? I will keep track of you though bloglines now. I just love how your blog is set up and you have great taste in knitting…that color for roosted root is amazing. I am about to start Ms Marigold


April 21, 2007

Lis, I did go to see your store, you have many hand dyed yarn! this is interesting. Right now ,I have too much yarn in my stash, but, I might choose some yarn from your store in the future. 🙂
Thanks for the compliments again on my blog, I love knitting a lot, there are so many yummy yarns and great patterns that I think 24 hours a day is never enough for us to knit!
You started Ms Marigold? Which color did you pick?


April 21, 2007

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