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Curve of Pursuit (just started)

April 21, 2007


This curve of pursuit caught my eyes when I browsed the net, it’s so cool!

So, I thought about buying this pattern and see if I can knit it.

When I browsed other knitters’ blogs, I found that they need to use MANY yarn for this project.
At the same time, I went to the originally site of this design ( They actually have the same design for cushion.

So, I had a second thought: why not knit this square smaller to save up yarn?

I bought the cushion pattern in PDF file from , and they quickly sent me the file on the same day. I started reading the pattern, oh, what a smart Mathematic design! I love it!

I knew that I ‘promised’ myself not to start any project until I finish off the baby blanket, but, the hexagons are really time consuming ,and I am easily get bored from it. So, I broke my promise (I know I am not good), and started this cushion patter with my new yarn that I bought from Lettuce Knit.

(Lorna’s Lace hand dyed yarn)

I only bought two colors, so, I can’t create the 3 color design (as in Bente’s B  Blog) , but, I think the 2 colors are still ok (according to the original pattern, it said you only need two colors, but you can modify it with more colors).

Since the size of this cushion is much smaller than the Afghans, I am going to knit 2 squares and knit them together to form a rectangle. How will it look like? I don’t know yet, and we will see. 🙂


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Where did you get the Lorna’s Lace yarn? I really want to get some for socks! I checked Lettuce knit last Wednesday but they only carry those variegated fancy colour ones. Actually I love pure colours!

Also, just found out that we are both japanese craft book lovers! cheers!

Angela Wu

April 21, 2007

Hello Angela,
I found the Lorna’s lace yarn in the ‘discount basket’ at the back of the store. but, there are only few skeins left, moreover, I am not sure if they are fine enough for socks knitting. This is Bullfrogs & Butterflies – 80% wool, 20% mohair, 4 1/2 sts = 1″ on #8.
Check it out again and see if you can find something suitable for sock knitting. 🙂

Yeah, I love Japanese books, their ideas are just great!!


April 21, 2007

Wow, that looks complicated! I’m still learning the hexagon knitting that you explain so well. 😀


April 24, 2007

That looks so cool! I haven’t really been all that interested in the log cabin knitting as of yet, but this is just a horse of a different color!


April 29, 2007

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