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“Chinese style” top

April 26, 2007

Wonder where I’ve got this ‘chinese top’ pattern?
It’s quite surprise to see this pattern in an European knitting magazine – Rebecca.

I wanted to knit this top for a long long time (since I bought this magazine). But I didn’t start because I couldn’t figure out which yarn is the best for this garment.

Finally, when I shopped “The Wool Mill” (located in Woodbine & Danforth, Toronto) , they have some on sale yarn including this one: Sirdar Indigo. Oh, I just fall in love with this Denim colour ! The dark blue is just perfect, and I know that it will also look good with the Chinese knots that I bought few weeks ago from the buttons shop.

So, I decided to use this Denim yarn to knit the top.

In the magazine, it was knitted in black with red outlines. I used Denim blue for the whole garment. But will not use red yarn to do the outline, I will use the same color for the outlines as well.
But , instead of using ‘fasteners’ , I will use the knots (Chinese buttons) for the front opening.

I hope I can finish this soon, and post the final result here.

Right now, I am blocking it , and will do the side seaming, and edge crocheting (in the pattern, it was suggested to pick up stitches and knit, but I think crochet is faster and easier.)

Pattern: Rebecca, no. 26, Sep-Dec. No.20
Yarn: Sirdar Indigo , Denim color (around 3 and 1/4 balls only)
Needles: 4.25mm


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Your Chinese top is looking good! It’s so curvy and neat…I am sure it will look good on you! The most amazing thing is that it only requires 3.5 balls!
Hope you finish this soon and show off!


April 26, 2007

I love this top too, I am trying to sew the seam tonight, but I am a bit too tired, and ribbed if off (because the outcome isn’t that great), I will go to sleep now and continue the sewing part tomorrow. 🙂
Yeah, it’s only 3.5 balls used! Great!


April 26, 2007

That yarn is such a lovely shade of blue! I can’t wait to see the finished product.


April 27, 2007



April 28, 2007

Sandy, This is ok for summer, it’s PURE cotton, so, should be ok for summer, won’t be too hot I guess.
But if the weather goes up over 30C, I might not wear this out, I am sure I will sweat a lot and my body will become blue in color, because of the dye of the yarn. 😀


April 30, 2007

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