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Crochet flower bag

May 5, 2007

This is my new project : crochet flower bag.

The pattern is from a Japanese crochet book. This is the best one in the book and my friend Angel actually did it once last year, I was quite tempted to do the same one for myself after seeing her bag.

So, I put down my knitting needles and start crochet again.

Thanks Angel for teaching how to crochet the double layered flower, so that I can continue to work on it. Hopefully I can finish it within 2 weeks.

The yarn that I am going to use is from Cotton Fleece, they are nice yarn for crocheting too.
The red one is the left over from my Rusted Root, and the purple one is from my stash. The pink one is also cotton (but right now, I forgot the name of the yarn) , it’s also from my stash.
I spent quite a long time to crochet the first square with flower in the middle, I think I will crochet faster once I get used to it. πŸ™‚
Happy Spring to all crafter and knitters:

The cut tulips from my backyard:


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You did it! The colour coordination is perfect and it’s beautiful! Keep working and I look forward to wear the same bag with you and go shopping together one day!


May 6, 2007

Angel, as I said in my email, I changed my color scheme from 3 colors to 2 only. Just pink and purple.. I love the pastel effect…. πŸ™‚


May 8, 2007

Great color selection. This bag is too cute. I may have to put my needles down and pick-up my hook.

Andrea Jones

May 9, 2007

Wow! You prepared a lot of things already for your baby! I remember when my brother was born (four years ago) my mom didn’t really “prepare” except some really important items such as blankets and bedding iterms, stroller, car seat, bottles, clothings, diapers, bath tub etc. I think your are all set!
Don’t forget to knit your baby little hats and mittens!


May 16, 2007

Hello, I love to crochet, and I seen your beautiful rose square bag, how

can I get a pattern for it? Thanx Jackie

Sorry, I sold the book , so, I can’t get the pattern for you.

jackie chapman

March 3, 2009

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