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Preparations for my first born baby

May 16, 2007

This is nothing about craft, but, I still want to share with my friends.

I am preparing a list of things that we need to buy (or borrow) for our first born baby.
My due date is July 17th, which means it’s getting closer and closer!

Here is the list, we already have some items, however, I am afraid I would miss something that are important.
If you can think of anything I miss or need to be aware of, please let me know, so that I can add them in the list. 🙂

  1. Baby crib (already have)
  2. baby crib – sheet lining, skirt, pillow, mattress (bedding set)
  3. blankets (100% cotton)
  4. Pack n play (including changing station, bassinet, etc) (already have)
  5. Private monitor
  6. stroller
  7. car seat
  8. carrier (sling)
  9. high chair
  10. bottle sterilizer (already have)
  11. changing pad
  12. toilet training system
  13. bath tub (already have)
  14. security gate/stair gate
  15. thermometer (already have)
  16. walking chair (already have)
  17. soft musical playmate (already have)
  18. play mats (already have)
  19. bibs (100% cotton)
  20. baby clothes (thanks, Drenka, we’ve already got some from friends.)

What do you think?

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What about baby clothes? Did you make any ?


May 16, 2007

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