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May 18, 2007

I went to Romni Wool store yesterday, after returning my unwanted yarn, I’ve the credit note and bought some new yarn and patterns again. (what a happy day!)

The pattern book Filati was actually inspired by Pax (knew her from Flickr) , she did a great job on the Bolero Gala, I just love this pattern a lot. So, I can’t wait to buy this pattern book and yarn.

The yarn is Lana Grossa Gala (it’s not cheap though, $12.95 each!):
48% Silk, 24% Rayon, 17% Linen, 11% polyamide.
95m, 50g.

I also bought Rowan Damask for another Rowan project:  Rowan Magazine#41 – Bonita

I actually like the red tone more than the blue, so, I bought the red ones.
The texture of this yarn is very special: 57% Viscose, 22% linen, 21% acrylic, it’s just perfect for spring and summer wear.


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I was in Romni last night too!! 5:30 or so for an hour or two. We almost crossed paths! I just keep browsing even though I found what I was looking for right away 🙂
I was checking out Damask too. I like the red you got.
But I didn’t walk out with any yarn since I got so much recently. Just got the Denise cord I needed and called it a day.


May 18, 2007

That’s cool, May. we almost see each other in the store. 🙂
However, I seldom go to downtown during that period of time, as I am usually teaching piano during that time slot. 🙂
You like the Damask too? It’s a very nice yarn! I love it.
Is Denise Cord good??
I didn’t have any Denise needles , I am currently using Bamboo needles and some Addi turbo ones.


May 18, 2007

Love the Gala…


May 18, 2007

Damask is beautiful yarn…I love those colors. Can’t wait to see your finished project.

Andrea Jones

May 23, 2007

I can’t wait to see the finished project too.
Right now, I almost got the front half way done.
It’s a very beautiful yarn, I am falling in love with it.


May 23, 2007

I like my Denise set but don’t love it 100%. I think if I was to start from scratch, I would order the knitpicks options. My problem with the denise set is that the cord is bigger than the smallest size needle and since I’m a tight knitter, it makes the smallest sizes not usable. I love Addis too. But too expensive for a complete set for me. I just get them for the most useful sizes for me. For all the sizes I don’t use often, the denise set is great for that. No need to keep buying new needles and I still get to knit most projects I want to tackle.


May 24, 2007

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