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Long way to go…

June 29, 2007 , , ,

Wow, a week is passed, and Erika is already in her Day 9.

I found that it’s not easy to do the breastfeeding. It takes a while for both of us to get used to it.

The problem is : you never know how much you feed with the breast, and it seems like she is always hungry for it. That means, in the mean time, I have to wake up so many times at nights and days to feed. (whenever she sleeps, I will try to sleep too.)

I think most of the moms do understand how I feel. The thing is: I really want to try my best to breastfeed her instead of using bottles. And I know that I am giving myself too much pressure. You know what, I cried this morning in front of my mom, because I felt so bad that I had to feed so many times before she can get into sleep. I felt very tired and nearly want to give up. I am afraid I will have postnatal depression.

I prayed ,and I hope God will give me strength to keep it up.

I know that the milk from me should be the best for Erika.

I am glad that even though my husband needs to go to work during the day, he still tries his best to stay home more and try to release my pressure by hugging me and kissing me.

You know, to have husband’s support during this period of time is very important.

We brought Erika to see pediatrician twice already, the doctor noted that she is growing well, and I can feed her more often with the breast (before, we use add some formula by using feeding tube.). But, at night time, we may feed her some formula to help her sleep better (also for us to sleep better) .

I hope everything will go well in the future.


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Awww… I’m sorry you’re feeling a little down. I know how hard it can be at first, with breastfeeding. Sometimes the amount of times you have to feed your baby seem so overwhelming! But things will get easier, I promise!!!! Erika is growing a LOT right now, and she needs a lot of food to keep that up. Have you thought about pumping a little bit of milk sometimes so that maybe once in a while you could have a little break and she could have your breastmilk in bottle form? That way, she’s still getting your milk, which seems very important to you, and you might not be quite so overwhelmed. A lot of moms deal with this issue, getting used to a new little one, learning to breast feed at the same time as teaching your new baby how to breast feed, learning a new sleep routine, learning how to care for a new baby…. it’s all a lot to learn all at once. But I promise, things get easier, and less overwhelming! I’m glad you have such a supportive husband, that is very important. And I’m glad that your mom is with you, and that you have someone to lean on if you need to.

I hope you don’t mind me stepping into your business…. I just wanted to say hi *wave* and comment to let you know everything you’re going through is completely normal!!! Hang in there 🙂
If you have any questions, or just want to “talk” you can email me!!! (I’m Tracey, by the way!)

And congrats on your new baby! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!


June 30, 2007

Hi Lilian, I’m Maryann, a new reader and mom to Jasmine, my 21-mo girl. First of all, big congrats! And I know exactly how exhausting it can be with breastfeeding… Jasmine was born at 35 weeks, weighing at 4lbs 14oz after a week in the incubator (partially bottle-fed by the nicu nurses)… I will never forget how hard it was for us during the first week but life surely got a whole lot better after that and I managed to bf her exclusively for 9 months… she still loves to be bf now… also, she almost never got sick at all,,, *touch wood*… So hang in there… your hardwork will be very worthwhile.
p.s. I found a good bf support pillow really helps, and co-sleeping works well for us too… Our favorite bf position is me lying down sideway with her. That did took some practices at first but helped me gained a lot more rest during the first few months. HTH.


June 30, 2007

I so know what you mean, it was so tiring and overwhelming at the beginning too, but you’ve only known each other for 9 days and there are so many completely new things !! A supportive husband is VERY important and I’m sure things will get easier as days and weeks go by and you find the routines that work best for both of you !
As for bf, things should settle down and she’ll learn to take more each time ( I think my pediatrician said their stomach are no larger than a small nut, so not much room in there yet !).
But formula at night can be a good idea if it’s difficult for her to feel satisfied: I remember being also SO depressed when I had to bf several times in a row before she’d finally fall asleep !
Finally about that bf thing, just one tip, rest a lot (= as much at she’ll lets you. dirty laundry can wait a bit for now.. 😉 ), relax and drink a lot of water. Sometimes for my first daughter I ran out of milk and that freaked me out (and stressed me!) but I realised that was when I didn’t drink enough…

All my thoughts are with you, those first weeks are so emotionnaly charged, both with wonder but also fatigue. Don’t be afraid to cry I guess, it’s better to let it out… 🙂



June 30, 2007

hey there lillian!
she is so sweet! i love her! and she was born in the same hospital as me! wowowow! i have you in my thoughts and am happy to hear that you are home with her now. i look forward to reading more about her!


June 30, 2007

Dear Lillian,

You almost made me cry after reading the details of what you’re going through! It’s a tough time, but with the support from Vincent, and your family, this period of time tough time would ease off as she grows. I remember my mom said as the baby has more appetite, they don’t wake up as much (or not at all!) during the night. This time will come soon. My mom also said if you pump the milk out, you can see how much she’s eating. I think that’s the best to do at night so anybody can help feeding the baby if the milk is ready. Also think of the bf experience as the bonding period. When she leans on you during bf, she’s listening to your heart beat and feel safe and calm. How amazing it is! She’s also growing with your help! You’re giving her the food, and also building her immune system! Take as much rest as possible, and take it easy. I don’t have a lot of advice to give you because I don’t have experience like your other pals, but I can give you my best wishes and supports!!
Take care, my dear,


June 30, 2007

I am very impressed to see the long responses. It’s so warm, supportive and encouraging.
You know, by theory , I understand how good and how nice to bf, but, practically, it’s not easy to overcome the problem.
Especially when you read the bf log, I worry about if she has enough wet diapers or stool everyday?! enough food for her? Enough care for her? enough hugs for her?
So many ‘questions’ in my head that made me a bit ‘frustrated’.
I know that I should relax more.
I agree all of your opinions, they are all great and supportive to me. I will keep them in mind, and try my best to keep it up! 😀

Again, Thanks a million for your supports and caring!


July 1, 2007

Morning Lillian,

I was a breastfeed mom for 3 years. I knew how your feeling now.

My nipples were sore, cracked (especially my left one). I had to breastfeed Jayne only the right one hence my left one was blocked with milk, had to manually clear it. I stayed in the hospital for an addtional day jus to learn how to do it properly.

It was hard, lack of sleep, lots of pressure, full of tears for my first 3 days 8 years ago. Thanks to the support of my DH, my parents and the experienced nursing team from the hospital, i managed (insisted) to breastfeed Jayne. In order to breastfeed her full time, i quited my job.

By breasfeeding, there is a very strong bond between mother n baby. I can vote for it with my both hands and legs.

And by breasfeeding, i then understand how great my mum is and our bond too has grown deeper.

Please do not give up, it’s worth every bit.

Do you want any Chinese Confinement cook books ? It is easily available here.

a tip : when i was feeding Jayne on one side of the breast, the other one leaked, i placed a small container under it, collecting for my facial…maybe u would want to try…no waste!


July 1, 2007

Hi Lillian! Don’t despair. There is a lot of good help out there for nursing moms. LaLeche League is the best. You can call them with any problem and get good advice. They even have a book…The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I recommend it highly. The first days and weeks can be tough. Just remember that it is a perfect supply and demand system. The more the baby nurses, the more you produce. Good luck. Ericka is precious!

Dr. Judy

July 3, 2007

Congratulations, Erika is just beautiful! I know how hard and overwhelming those first few weeks are (or in the case of my eldest, who was very colicky, the first many many months!). It’s good that you have so much support. Get rest whenever you can–it makes a huge difference! I agree with the LaLeche suggestion. And don’t be afraid to let your OB know if you feel you are getting depressed, as there is help available.


July 3, 2007

lactation consultants are a breast feeding mother’s best friend!:o) i however, was unsuccessful at breastfeeding. my daughter still drank my milk for an entire year thanks to my pumping! it was so much work, but i was determined not to give her formula. good luck and keep your eye on the prize!:o)


July 3, 2007

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