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What knitting needles shall I buy and keep for life?

July 16, 2007 , ,

I bought many kinds of needles since I started knitting. I tried bamboo, wood, metal, plastic and Addi Turbo. Seems like the bamboo and Addi Turbo work quite well with me. However, Addi Turbo is not cheap though, but, is it worth to buy them and keep them for life? For the Bamboo ones, they are good, however, seems like they will bend a bit after using a while. (I think this has the same effect to the wood ones.)

Which needles do you love the most?

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I prefer crystal palace. They seem to take a lot of abuse and don’t bend. I love wood and bamboo needles but after many different kinds have realized that my crystal palace needles have held up to the most abuse.


July 16, 2007

I buy clover metal and bamboo circular needles, mostly because they’re easily available in my lys.


July 16, 2007

I couldn’t live without my bamboo needles, they do bend a bit but I don’t care, they’re just lightweight and smooth to knit with.


July 17, 2007

Bamboo definitely. They are much easier on my arthritic hands.

Dr. Judy

July 18, 2007

Actually, i don’t like to use needles.I used to circular needles.I bought clover metal circular needles.I bought one Daisy circular needles.Just try it and love the color with needles.


July 18, 2007

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