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3 more days!

July 18, 2007 , ,

Time flies, just 3 more days, Erika will be one month old.
I really can’t believe it, but I actually already went through 4 tough weeks.

These weeks I went through the tough stage of breastfeeding, waking up at nights, lack of sleeps and rests.

I wish my baby will grow healthily, and hopefully she can sleep over night, so that both of us can have better (long) sleep….

Erika loves moving her hands, and sometimes she hold one pose for a very long time. I was thinking : didn’t she feel tired to raise up the hands for so long?
Her hands and arms moved like dancing or playing Tai Chi, it’s very funny to look at her like that.

She starts to smile to me (but not often yet). I love her sweet smiles, they really melt me down. 🙂


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Erika is just adorable! 🙂


July 18, 2007

Times has gone fast! So Erika wil be growing up later. Like my daughter. Hehe……. 🙂


July 18, 2007

Is a JOY to see her grows each day !


July 18, 2007

She’s beautiful! Best wishes to you and your darling baby.


July 18, 2007

She is a beauty! Keep up the good work. It gets better.

Dr. Judy

July 19, 2007

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