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July 18, 2007 , , , ,

Wow, I havn’t been shopping for a while after giving born.

It’s so refreshing to have a break out after breastfeeding my baby.

I took a little time to go to my local yarn store (Mary’s Yarn) this afternoon. I was so excited when I went into the store. I was welcomed by Lynn who is the daughter of the store owner, I was very impressed !

Then I tried to find some nice yarn, I wanted to knit something for my baby Erika.
I was checking out if there is any new pattern, but at that moment, something else attracts my eyes.

The Discount section: Cotton Chenille from Crystal Palace.
They are on sale in a ball of 8 (some of them are in a bag of 6 ) . I love this yarn, it’s soft and great for Autumn and Winter, I guess.

I bought a pack of 8, and only cost me $30!

This colour is very soft like banana milkshake.

After I’ve got home, I started to think, may be I can use the yarn to knit a camisole for myself? OR : a cardigan and hat for my baby?

Still deciding….


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Maybe a bathrobe / bath set for Erika?


July 18, 2007

or a baby blanket for Erika? 😛


July 18, 2007



July 30, 2007

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