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Don’t want to sleep at night….

July 19, 2007 , ,

Erika always stay up at nights (talking about from 2am – 4am!), I know that it’s kind of normal for some babies.

Some people told me to feed her more or wake her up more during day time, however, she just loves to sleep during the day that I can’t wake her up.

It’s ok if she wakes up and stay in the crib quietly, however, no, she cries for few minutes (sometimes longer like 15 minutes) and might be want me to pick her up. However, I am so tired at night that I can’t pick her up so many times. And my mom said that I should leave her cry a bit, and she will get to sleep when she feels tired.

However, when I read some books that talking about babies’ sleeping pattern, they said that we can pick her up to stop her crying ,then put her back. Do that back and forth until she gets to sleep. Is it good? Will that spoil her that I need to do that everytime, and she will never get to sleep on her own in the future?


What do you think?

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I m not sure abt wat the book says.

Jayne does wakes up many times during e night for milk, however she doesnt cry, jus a little move, and tats wat is needed for my body to sense it.

My breasts works like an alarm clock, it will starts dripping, cos it know there is a demand.

I bot tons of disposable nursing bra pads to keep me dry.

Jayne sleeps most of the time durin e day too.

Well, i guess different baby has their own needs.


July 19, 2007

Erika sleeps like an angel..
She is soooo kawaiiiii! 🙂


July 20, 2007

What a darling baby — This is *so* normal; it’s a transition from inside the womb to outside. Normally they are soothed to sleep by your motion during the day, so it takes a while to switch to your schedule. I’ve also found newborns nurse much more than I expected — even with #2 I was surprised (I’d forgotten!). People put a lot of emphasis on “sleeping through the night” but babies just don’t. It’s just the way they are. Try to look at it from the angle of being positive. You will NOT spoil your baby just by holding her and responding to her cries. You are showing her you love her and care about her. You might want to check out and specifically this article on people who try to get babies to be “trained”:

During the day, or if it becomes a problem at night, have you considered using some sort of baby sling? These are so helpful for soothing the baby and giving your arms a break from carrying her while still giving her the security and warmth of being held.

There is a terrific website at as well as sewing patterns at

Your website is lovely, too. Thanks for all your resources!


July 22, 2007

Oh, do pick her up! For the first few months, babies need to be reassured that all their needs will be met. Also, she is small and so needs to eat frequently and, alas, at night. Once she is 11 lbs or so you can start training her to get most or all of her calories during the daytime and start teaching her that nighttime is sleeptime. Just try not to be disappointed if it doesn’t work out as quickly as you assume it should. Two of my babies were quite easy to train — but the third one was/is an entirely different story! It IS hard, but it does get easier as the baby gets bigger. Hang in there! (She is beautiful, by the way!)


August 2, 2007

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