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“Presto Chango” for Erika

July 22, 2007 , , , , ,

I finally started to knit again.
I knew that I still had many projects on the needles, however, by this moment, I want to knit something for baby.

When I look at the yarn that I have, I think of Erika.

When I went into the yarn store, I thought about Erika.

When I browsed the net ,I thought about Erika again, and started to search something for Baby.

So, finally, I found a cute , easy cardi free pattern in Jimmy’s Wool online store.

It’s a Presto Chango by Valerie Wallis.

I followed the yarn suggestion in the pattern, the blue sky cotton. I had some in my yarn stash, so ,I didn’t need to buy extra yarn for this cardi. The good thing to knit baby stuff is: they are small in size and fast to finish, for this cardi, only two skeins will be enough.

I think I shall able to finish this off in few days, (if I am not too tired… ) and will post the final picture here afterwards.


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Welcome back to the Knitting World ! Enjoys !


July 23, 2007

So glad you are knitting again, I am excited to see it all finished! I adore the pink you chose to use, and agree about baby knits, fast and little yarn. Which is great since they outgrow way too quickly!


July 25, 2007

I’ve been on vacation and missed the excitement – congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of beautiful Erika!!!

I think this pattern is adorable, and the color you’ve chosen is great: I’ve heard babies see contrast, and so a bold color is probably more interesting than pastels. Looking forward to seeing your progress, but take your time!


August 6, 2007

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