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New projects again..

August 28, 2007 , , ,

Whenever I’ve got new books, or new yarn , I just can’t wait to start the new projects. And again, there are just too many projects on hand now and some of them are actually being hibernated.

Recently, I am working on two projects:

1) Waist Cincher top for myself, it’s a pattern from Knitting lingerie Style. I didn’t use the yarn suggested.

The yarn that I chose for this project are the Lana Grossa Gala that I bought few months ago, and also the Japanese yarn in my stash (long long time ago).

I love the match of the colors, it goes quite well.

I also love the pattern as well, it’s not hard to knit, but it looks very elegant.

2) The second project is for my daughter Erika. The pattern is from Anny Blatt Layette and Enfant magazine.

I love this pattern book, I bought it through the net (knit N tyme). I actually went to the Anny Blatt website and found that they had all pattern pictures posted, so, I can take a look if there is anything good before I take action to buy it.

The dress that I am knitting for her is called Dress Milene, there are two hearts at the bottom of the dress and the designer also play around with the bobbles too. For the bottom edge of the dress, there is a line of bobbles. I spent almost half an hour to make this row, because the pattern said “K1, 1 bobble”, repeat and repeat till the last stitch of the row. There are at least 40+ bobbles in this row. Although it was quite tiring to knit the bobbles, but, it’s cute. Now I am working on the St st and adding the heart pattern to it. It’s just fun!

The Yarn that I chose for this project is Sirdar Baby Bamboo, it’s very soft with bamboo and wool. I love this lilac color as well. The colorway for this bamboo collection is mainly pastel colors, they are just perfect for babies.

I will post the pictures of the projects soon.


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Looking forward to your new projects. That is such a cute picture or Erika!

Thanks, I love picking up the sticks again, I just feel so good about it. 🙂


August 28, 2007

Je me réjouis de voir vos futurs tricots car j’aime beaucoup ce que vous faite. Félicitation pour la naissance de ce beau bébé.

Too bad that I don’t know how to read French, the pattern book that I bought is in English, not German ,not French, may be you thought that I could read French, that’s why you left a comment in French. Sorry, I don’t understand, but anyway, thanks for leaving a comment here, I am happy to see that, Antoinette. 🙂

franza antoinette

August 28, 2007

Hi cutie, how are you t oday ?

Hi, JL, Erika is doing very fine recently, I didn’t use bottle for almost 2 weeks, because I had blocked ducts problem in the past week, and I had to feed her more to resolve the problem. Now, I am doing fine as well. But, because of full time breastfeed, no pumping, no bottle, so, I am quite tired though. BUt, still, I am enjoying to knit sometimes. 🙂


August 28, 2007

Awww, your daughter just gets cuter and cuter.

Thank you, I especially love her naked, haha, she looks even cuter in the bath, I will post more pictures later!


August 28, 2007



(哈哈,第二次留言和第一次有些許不同唷,因為我己經忘了第一次我留了什麼了,但記得最清楚的是,我很喜歡這組會亮亮的線材...Pardon me ,嘻嘻)

You are right, the Japanese pink yarn is quite ‘sparkling’, I used it as the edge of the top (you can check my article “Waist-cincher top” , you will see how it looks like. And this project is for myself, not very suitable to baby.
I am very excited that you bought new English pattern books for yourself, and I am sure that once you get used to the English knitting way, you will enjoy EVEN MORE about knitting. 🙂


September 3, 2007

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