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Interesting Japanese pattern book

September 1, 2007 , , , , ,

I seldom recommend Japanese pattern book here, because I don’t know any Japanese…. and since this is an English blog, it’s weird to introduce Japanese book here. But I really want to share this book, because it has English translation in it.

I think most experienced knitters may already know how to knit entrelac, or any kind of Nordic knitting. However, to me, this is quite new (I knew how to do the entrelac but not the other ones.)

It’s a book teaching you how to knit “Nordic Knitting” : ten fabulous techniques from 5 countries.

1) Finland : Tapestry Crochet in Korsnas , Fur tape.

2) Denmark : Domno Strikke, I cord

3) Sweden Naverstickning (similar to Entrelac), Estonia, Estonian spiral

4) Norway: Crown, Tubular Stitch, bead knitting

Sample page of the book inside:

It has step by step instructions for each techniques, and the projects are really fabulous. They really move me to pick up the sticks and start!

I can’t wait to start the projects inside, but, I still have some projects on hand, I better finish them off first.

I bought this book from the online store (Taiwan book store), you might able to find this book in as well.


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This book is also on my “to-learn” list.

Yeah, there are many interesting projects inside as well, their stunning photos of the projects are very impressive too !!


September 2, 2007

I find this book very interesting as it has unusual techniques

Right, it does inspire me a lot!!


September 3, 2007

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