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Upside down Daisy hat for Erika

September 24, 2007 , , , , ,

A very imperfect hat for Erika this time, I have to repeat myself again, it’s really IMPERFECT, just because I am not good at sewing.. and the petals on the top of the hat look so ugly !!

Well, I don’t want to rib it off and do it again (I don’t have such patient!) , I would rather keep it like that (my baby won’t wear it long, she grows fast anyway!).

It’s a pattern from Itty-bitty hat, it’s a fun project, not hard to knit, but too much weaving for me.

Anyway, it’s a lovely hat design, it fits Erika’s head very well, and I put it on her hat while she is sleeping. She didn’t wake up because of that, what a sleepy girl….

The yarn for this hat :

Twilleys of Stamford Cotton Freedom DK: pink
S.R. Kertzer CoolSpun Cotton Solid (petals) : white
Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria (stem): lime

needle size : 5mm
hat size: 0-3 months (I used bigger needles, that’s why I chose a smaller size)


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What a cute little hat! Honestly I think it looks lovely on Erika and I don’t see the imperfect you’re complaining about! The yarn looks very soft too….that’s why you didn’t wake up the sleepy princess. 😀


September 24, 2007

It looks great ! No, isn’t an IMPERFECT hat at all !


September 24, 2007

I can’t see anything wrong with it! I see a perfect hat on a perfect baby.


September 24, 2007



September 25, 2007

The hat is adorable, as is the sleeping baby, i even said “awww” outloud when I saw the pics. I don’t like weaving ether, but I can’t see any errors.

I had a question for you, on a side note. Where do you find all those lovely fonts? You have such a wide range of script fonts that I wondered what site you use. 🙂


September 25, 2007

awww.. it looks jusr perfect on her.. so adorable..!!


September 25, 2007

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