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September 29, 2007 , , , ,

Yesterday was a very beautiful day!
I brought my purple rectangular hat to Mary’s Yarn store, I wanted to greet the store lady “Happy Birthday”, however, it was a bit crowd in the store and seems every one inside the stores are busy. Some of them were busy on looking for yarn and patterns, and some of them were busy on chatting , and some of them were busy on teaching how to knit. It was a fun day, all the knitters were so excited to see what they would get for the special sales. It was a store lady’s birthday sales, all the blue yarn was 25% off, and if you bring a handknit hat to the store for charity, you will get one single item 50% off.
My purple hat was off my hands, but, I’ve got another goody back!

It’s a bag knitting kit from Needful yarn. I love it.
I firstly planned to buy a circular needle, but then I saw the kit, I couldn’t stop myself not to buy it.
The package is priced $79.99, and after the discount, it costs about forty something, isn’t it a good deal?
The color for this bag is brown with blue dots. BUt, I think I will change the dots to knitted flowers (or crochet may be?)
OR: I may even change the blue yarn to different color ones. I prefer Brown and Pink (as a pink lover, pink is my first priority.) I will keep the blue for another purpose.

I love the packaging of this kit, all the balls and the pattern was wrapped inside a basket, it’s so neat!

I didn’t anything more, even though I saw some goodies in the 50% section, I tried to stop myself not to buy too much. If you see my ‘stash’ items in my Ravelry account, you will see how much yarn I have , and you will say the same thing to me: Lillian, better use your stash first before you stock up more.

But, as a yarn lover (probably : yarnaholic) , I really love to stock up new yarns, I love to touch them.
And there are soooo many lovely patterns for us to knit. I can’t wait to knit them all.

TOo bad that I only a pair of hands, and now, with Erika, I have less time to knit.
I might need few years to finish off all my stash.

If one day there is a knitting gathering or meeting, I would love to join, it’s really lovely to meet other knitters. When you chat with the people who have share a common interest, it seems like you are meeting your old friends.

Thanks Lynn and Mary for inviting us this wonderful birthday sales, I hope to see you both again in the store and chat more. Surely I will bring my baby with me again next time, and I hope she can wear my knitted dress or cardigan in the coming cold days. πŸ™‚


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how nice of you to mention us in your post! it was great to see you and i can’t wait to see what it is you end up doing with your new kit! thanks again for coming. i’m glad to hear you had a good day. we sure did too! πŸ™‚


September 29, 2007

So jealous of your knitting kit. I could have got one myself if I see it at Mary’s. I love the combination of blue and brown. You’re right, brown and pink would be a nice combo! Hye, I am sure you won’t have a hard time looking for pink yarn in your stash for this project!
Hey, maybe you can use the blue and some other colours in your stash (i.e. pink!) to make a stripe cardigan or sweater for Erika. πŸ˜›


September 30, 2007

Good buy and best buy !


October 1, 2007

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