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I joined the bookmooch!

October 20, 2007 , ,

I joined the LibraryThing for a long time, then ,I found that I can send and receive books from Bookmooch.I already sent out few books that I didn’t want, and I also chose some books that I would like to receive .I already receive two books, one by Max Lucado,

and the other is a book about Yoga.

You don’t need to pay a cent for the book receiving, but you have to pay for mailing cost if you are going to send out the books to someone.You will gain ‘points’ when you add books in your inventory / send books to other people.You will loose your points if you receive books from others / your books lost somewhere when you sent it to someone.I have many OLD books, or unwanted books at home which I don’t want to sell, but, it’s quite amazing that there are people out there who want your books, you never know!If you don’t mind to pay those extra postage, I think this is good for sharing your stuffs to others, at the same time, you can receive the books in your wish list and save up your money on buying them.


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oh welcome to bookmooch. Been on for a while and really like it. I hope you will too 🙂


October 20, 2007

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