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lovely sea silk

November 11, 2007 , , , ,

I am falling in love again, yes, with the sea silk…

After I finished the Shetland Triangle with the Merino yarn, I started another one with handmaiden Sea silk.
IT’s sooooo beautiful.

Touch: soft, silky….

result: looks extremely shiny, elegant, luxury with lace pattern. Unlike the merino wool, the yarn is very strong and won’t ‘curl up’ on the edge of the shawl. It’s firm and inelastic, I like the result of that, it looks great!

This yarn is beautiful, with its brilliant shimmer, and relaxed drape, I am sure it will look great for this shawl pattern!
I made this for my best friend, Angel. I wish she will love it!

Handmaiden Sea silk: bought this from our local store, Romni Wool Ltd.

Colorway: Bronze.




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I LOVE SEA SILK! This stuff is like CRACK to me. 🙂 i’m sure your shawl is going to be gor-geeee-ous!

Hi, yeah, I love this too, the color of the yarn is really stunning!!! 😉 ~ Craftlover

Jen da Purse Ho

November 12, 2007

i love this yarn almost to death. did the same pattern with my first hank. then the 2nd and 3rd hank became sarcelle which is waiting to be blocked.

Oh yeah? I want to see how it looks like, I tried to search from your blog, but couldn’t find it??!! ~ craftlover


November 12, 2007

lilian! I haven’t been looking at blogs much lately as things have been really busy but YOU have been busy too! look at all that you are getting done! that’s great to see! it was good to catch up on your ‘blogging’. i hope to see you soon!

Hi Lynn, I havn’t go to your shop for a long time, as you can see my stash (from Ravelry) , I’ve really got too much of those, I really need to clear my stash off. ha, that’s why I am putting my yarn and books for sell in Ebay and ‘’. It’s fun to send them out to a better home. 🙂
Hope to see you soon!! ( I love checking out new yarns!) ~ Lillian


November 12, 2007

Dear Lillian! Too bad I’m not the first one who leaves comment on this blog! I LOVE the yarn, the colour and the shawl! It’s just gorgeous and I can’t wait to show it off with proud and let them know my best friend hand knit it for me! So honoured…….you made my day!

Wonderful, the most important thing is : YOU LOVE THE SCARF, because you will be the one who wears it. 🙂
I am glad that you love it.
It will be another shawl that I make for you..
haha, funny, I always knit you a shawl or scarf, and this will be the 3rd one. 🙂
I am sooooooo happy.. 😀


November 13, 2007

cuz i have not post up any of the pictures. lazy 😛


November 15, 2007

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