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The Argosy is done.

December 12, 2007 , , , , ,

I finally finished the Argosy for my friend, Josephine.

I made few mistakes at the end of the scarf, but honestly, I really didn’t know where I started to screwed up.

ANd I didn’t have the mood to rip it off and knit that again. SO, I will stay the scarf like that, I hope Josephine won’t mind those little mistakes.

At the same time, I started to make another one for myself, it’s so beautiful.

I had the Lorna’s Lace Lion and Lamb at home, so, I started to knit with this charming yarn.
Oh , I  fall in love with this yarn!! it’s a mix of silk and wool, so soft and silky…


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Wow! Both of those are beautiful!!! I need to find that pattern.

Rubys N Purls

December 12, 2007

Beau-ti-ful! If you only look at the mistake and put this aside, it’s really a waste! I am sure she will appreciate all the hard work you put through for her, and she will feel the warm and love in every stitches!
Enjoy the Lion and Lamb yarn and I look forward to see it on your neck soon!


December 12, 2007

ur… i don’t see no mistakes… 😛 it’s very pretty!


December 13, 2007

Argosy is lovely ! And your photos are beautiful , as always !


December 21, 2007

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