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HK trip delayed…

February 20, 2008 , , , , , , , ,

To all my friends here, I delayed my trip to Hong Kong, just because I was too exhausted before we  went to the Airport. It was a long story, anyway, Erika and I finally stayed in Canada till April, and we will get off again at the end of April till mid of May.

The picture shows on the above was taken by my dad in the airport, we were about to fly, however, the flight was delayed for over 12 hours!! And I felt so sick being stuck inside the flight for 4 hours, and then few hours in the hotel’s room (very bad air condition)…. !!! That’s why I finally gave up the trip and only my husband flied to Hong Kong for visiting.

I didn’t even able to finish the little cardigan for my little one, seems like while Erika grows, I need to spend more time with her.

not to mention about KNITTING!!

Oh well, I try to grab some time to knit whenever I can, because I just miss my knitting needles!

however, no new project up to now, and I am trying to finish off the shawl that I wanted to make for Angel. It’s a seasilk shawl, I love it too.

After that, I think I will start to modify/ create my own knitting pattern.
I love the Runway knits’ Little black dress, however, a comment said that there is a big error in the pattern from Ravelry’s member, so, I am going to check out the mistakes, and see if I can make the dress to be a top with those lace bottom and sleeves.

The yarn that I am going to use for this little black top will be Karabella Vintage cotton in black color. They are the suggested yarn in that pattern, I asked Angel to help getting these yarn from NYC, they are great. Beautiful yarn and color! It will be my first time to knit thing in BLACK!

I hope, I really hope that I can finish this little top before I go to Hong Kong in April.
It suits the warm weather in Hong Kong with this nice cotton yarn.


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It’s very hard to imagine you went through all that! Although you are delaying your trip, it’s better to be well prepared and by April it’s less likely to be delayed again by the mother nature.
Good luck to your first creation project! Soon or later you will be a designer too! I can’t wait to see what you will come up with this beautiful yarn – it’s soft to touch with a black sheen!


February 21, 2008

oh man! i’m so sorry to hear about your trip~~ i can totally imagine geez. anyway, wish you and erika well 🙂 hope to see the finished objects soon! 😉


February 22, 2008

Hope you can finished the black top and can’t wait see it.


February 23, 2008

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