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Tulip sweater

February 27, 2008 , , , , , , , ,

Oh, I had been waiting for this project for a long time. I checked this pattern in Ravelry and found that there are at least 293 people did this sweater, you can see how popular it is.

the RS

the WS

The reason that I like is:

1) it’s not hard to knit.

2) no seam sewing is needed.

3) colorful

4) and the yarn is just soft to knit and it’s machine washable!

I started to fall in love with the Dream in Color’s yarn, their colorway is special.
Even though they look like ‘solid’ color, but actually they are not, they have tint of other colors that create a very nice tone and texture for your garment.

I bought this kit in Lettuce Knit, it costs about 40 dollars, it’s not cheap, but I think, it’s better to buy 8 skeins of Classy at a time, it will cost even more. If I buy all 8 skeins of Classy, after using the yarn for this sweater, I don’t have much idea what to do with the rest of the yarn.

I started the project on Monday, and got the body part done yesterday.

It looks great , I mean, although one of the color is not what it says in the pattern (the teal color became darker green), but, the colors look ok to me. I still left the border and the sleeves parts. I hope I can finish this today or tomorrow, then, Erika can wear this out while picking up her dad tomorrow night at the airport! 🙂

First time to use this stitch marker, although it’s a bit small for this needle size, (it should be for lace needles) , but, I love it, it’s PINK, my favorite color!
I’ve got this treat from my “THINK PINK SWAP” package that was held in Ravelry’s THINK PINK group.

MY ravelry’s ID: craftover


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Very pretty. I love you choice of colors.


February 27, 2008



February 28, 2008

That is stunning. I love it. The texture and the colours go fantastic together.


February 28, 2008

Gorgeous! Love love love the colors!!!

Bente B

February 29, 2008

I can’t believe you almost finished (I guess you’re done when you read this comment) a FO when I’m back in town! What a fast knitter and a colourful one! She must look cute in it….like a rainbow. 😀


March 2, 2008

I love the color too.It is very sharp.Can’t wait see you finished it.


March 4, 2008

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