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My knitting mood is back!

March 8, 2008

After finishing the tulip cardigan for my daughter, Erika. I have more mood and excitement to start any new project.

I was planning to start the black top with cotton ,but then I saw another nice cardigan in Ravelry, it’s called Lush and Lace cardigan by SweaterBabe. I love the lace part at the back and the sleeves.

It’s a simple project I think, I can almost finish the back in just two days. (imagine I didn’t really have much time to knit while taking care of Erika most of the time during the day)

But, I have a great mood to knit, so , whenever Erika is sleeping, I pick up the needles and knit (as fast as I can)

I didn’t get  a chance to take a nice picture for my work, so, just a very simple ugly picture here to show all of you what I’ve done so far.

The yarn that I am using the Rowan Soft lux, it’s on sale almost everywhere. I got this yarn on sale too , but may be a year ago.  It’s a beautiful yarn that I used before (for my cabled scarf). I love it, it’s soft , light in weight.

Erika gave me a little surprise two days ago, she said “ma ma” to me. 🙂
HOW NICE! and HOW SWEET to hear MA MA from my little one. 😀


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Your cardigan is coming along nicely! The pink is beautiful and it has a nice silvery tone in it to make it sharp! Yeah, I felt your cable scarf and it’s soft to touch. Hope you can finish it soon!
I can’t believe Erika says “ma-ma”! She started talking and her first word is you! You must be so happy like you’re in heaven!!!


March 9, 2008

Aww, Erika is the cutest!

That cardigan will be lovely.


March 10, 2008

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