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Lush and Lace Cardigan

March 18, 2008 , , , , ,

Finally, I’ve got this cardigan done yesterday!

I am so happy about it, first of all, I can finish a cardigan around 10 days! And it’s no longer a cardigan for my baby, but for myself!

The yarn that I used is Rowan Soft Lux, I used that before (for my cabled scarf).
I love this yarn, it’s very soft and light in weight.
I had 10 balls in my stash, and I only needed 5 balls for this cardigan.

Sounds great huh!

I love the diamond lace part, especially the back and the sleeves.

I also love the little pockets, although I think they aren’t that functional (if I put something inside the pocket, it will weigh down the garment, so, I am not going to …) , but, it looks cuter with them at the front of the cardigan.

Lastly, I actually love the ruffle section at the back, but not for the sleeves.
since I usually wear jacket when I go out,  if I have a ‘bulky’ sleeves, it will be very hard to fit my jacket.

Here is the close up of the buttons that  I used. In the pattern, it suggests to use 3 pairs of buttons, but I just used two.

Here is the back of the cardigan.

I shall wear this and take a picture of it, but need to wait for my husband to give me a hand.

Will post the picture of myself with this cardigan later. 🙂


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I Looooovvvvv…eee it! It’s so beautiful and feminine, and it’s totally your style! You also did a good choice of the buttons. It’s so special! Were they from downtown by Spadina?
I can’t wait to see you in this gorgeous cardigan! You deserved it!

You are SOOO welcome, Angel. I love this pattern too, you are right, very feminine!!
I think it suits you too. The buttons are very elegant , it’s from JAPAN (the store man said) , yeah, it’s from the Downtown button store (Spadina and Queen)
I will take pictures on myself tomorrow ! 🙂


March 18, 2008

Pretty! Knit of LOVE!

Maxi Jewels

June 30, 2008

I love this pattern. Where does it come from?


October 22, 2008

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