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Needles and Knit (YARN STORE)

April 7, 2008 , , , , , , , , , ,

Today, I brought Erika to the Unionville Library for the Baby goose story time!
she loves it, although we missed the session for ‘pre-walker’, we went to the one for ‘walkers’.

She could stay for 30 minutes there with other walkers!

The story teller was amazing, she showed and told stories, and Erika loved to listen to her!
She even followed the story teller to wave hands, raised her hands up ,etc.

SHe laughed a lot during the whole time!
I think I will bring her more to this story time program, it’s just great for her to know more people and LEARN more !!

I brought the baby goose handout with me after the class, however, I don’t know all the songs that are printed in the book, probably I need to search them through the internet, and see if there is any file I can download and listen to them.

It’s also the time for me to learn how to sing the songs , rhymes….

After the Baby goose time, Erika fell asleep in the car (it’s her napping time..) so , I drove her with me to Aurora and visited a new store.
I was planning to visit a store named “Knit or Knot”, however, when we arrived the plaza, I found that it was closed!

Then I found another knitting store just few blocks away from there.

It’s called “Needles and Knit” , the store is located on 15040 Yonge Street (it’s a HOUSE.)

Intersection : Yonge & Kennedy

They have lots of yarn there, and with quite a lot of varieties too.
I am amazed to see the NEW Louisa Harding’s Jasmine yarn there!
I bought 4 balls and a set of double pointed needles.

They have lots of pattern books and magazines there, including Louisa Harding, Phildar, Impression, and Rowan magazine!

I wanted to buy the Rowan Magazine, however, when I see that the price is $30, I held back, I was thinking, it might be a bit cheaper in Romni, right?

As I said, the yarn selection is big, they even have some Anny Blatt, Phildar yarn!

There are some eco yarn, bamboo yarns and new Debbie Bliss bamboo yarn as well.
I got a chance to touch the new Louisa Harding’s Mulberry yarn, wow, very soft with the touch of silk (it’s 100% silk!) ! oh well, almost 12 dollars for a ball (I am not very sure about the price.. )and the yardage is about 136 yards.

The store ladies are very nice though ,they helped me a lot on choosing the yarn for a summer scarf!

There is a cat there, she is very cute and she even touched my baby’s hand! haha

The store back is called “York Region Knitting Guild“, but I didn’t have to time to ask and explore more, I only had a chance to take a picture of it.

Store hours:

Mon 12:00pm-6:00pm;

Tue-Fri 10:00am-6:00pm;

Sat 10:00am-5:00pm

Contact number: 905 713-2066

Knitting group meets Thursday evenings 6:00pm-8:00pm


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Baby Erika for sure had a great time at the library! Hey, she’s a “good” listener huh! =D It’s a fun time for her to play and learn, and also for you to know more baby songs too!
Thanks for sharing this knitting store up north. It sounds interesting! With the yarns they carry, I am glad they have a wild variety of books, and yarns. But yes, Romni now sells the new Rowan book only at $23. Good deal!

Yeah, she loves them, and I think she is a more ‘out-going’ type girl.
I think this is good, better than me, I was very shy when I was young. 😛

Yeah, this store has quite a lot of varieties, for the magazines , I think they have more selections, for books, not much, may be I tend to buy books in They are cheaper. RIGHT?!

Romni sells the new Rowan book for only 23 dollars!!
that means, this store priced up $7 …. !! oh my God….
(but the yarn’s price is quite reasonable though…)


April 7, 2008



April 8, 2008

I love to shop here. Friendly, knowlegeable staff who help with selection, teaching & repair of my disasters. Feels like an old fashion knitting circle of friends. Selection of yarns & patterns is best in area. JoAnne

JoAnne Feil

May 6, 2008

Joanne, write back to me. I’m in Colorado.

MelanieChernak Osse

December 2, 2009

I would stick with this store and not head to Romni to check prices. Knitting books are expensive. You’re paying for all the time they take on pattern development.

Tove and the others at Needles & Knits are just great. They are never pushy and are extremely willing to sit down and help you. The kitchen has some easy chairs where you can sit and try out a new technique they’ve just taught you.

Stick with this store! You don’t find their service and good customer skills many places these days. (The store you originally sought out, Knit or Knot, was staffed by a bunch of snobs in my opinion. I wasn’t sorry to see them go out of business.)


April 11, 2009

Oh well, I do agree that you have good experience in this store, but, ‘feeling’ is quite personal. Really being Honest, I don’t really feel 100% HAPPY in this store.
not 100% welcome by them, I don’t know why … , if I have a choice , I will prefer Serenity KNits where they have more yarn choices that I love. 🙂
thanks for your feedback. 😀
Enjoy knitting.


April 18, 2009

thanks for this info – I was going to go to the store you mentioned that is closed. Great to know. Thanks.


April 1, 2012

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