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yarn shop day with Erika

April 9, 2008 , , , , , , , , , ,

What a beautiful day today.

Just couldn’t resist myself to go out with Erika.

The weather report said that today would have 60% chances Raining.. but, I didn’t see any drop of rain today, HOW NICE!!!

This morning, we woke up and had lunch (dim sum) with my mom, it’s just a wonderful time to have 3 generations together! We all enjoyed the time there!

Then, we went to a local yarn (operated by Chinese lady) store, and bought two balls of special Japanese yarn. It’s very special, I don’t know how to describe it ,it’s like TAPE, but very fine TAPE with sheen , and feels like SILK…! I love the color combination of it, it looks gorgeous!

After that, I dropped off my mom to her home and got ready to go to Downtown for yarn shop visiting!

First stop: The Purple Purl.

What a beautiful place, there were some people there chatting and knitting. Well, only the YARN attracts me. I quickly found that yarn that I want and need.

It’s the Indigo Moon, the color I chose is Indigo, it’s great for sock knitting.
I already have a pattern in my mind, the Pomatomus by Cookie A.

I took some pictures inside the store, and also asked the store lady to help us to take one too.

cute.. Erika seemed didn’t have a great mood there, but she still ‘able to’ give a smile to the store lady .. 😀

THEN… we drove to Romni, I returned some yarns and then bought some new yarn for a new project in Rowan #43.

In the pattern, it suggests  to use Rowan Bamboo Tape, but instead of using that, I chose Romni wool’s Pure silk.  It’s a beautiful silk yarn there, soft with a sheen on it.
I chose black, as there aren’t that much choices of color. And I think BLACK will look cool and great for evening wear as well.
And compare with the price of Rowan Bamboo tape, it’s much cheaper (economical)

What’s next?
we went to Japanese paper store…IT is my beloved paper store, I used to go there quite often many years ago, because I love to make paper craft. However, after learning Knitting, I kind of gave up the paper craft.
But, I somehow went into the store today with Erika. AND again, bought some little stuffs for my friends.
I am not going to show them here, as I want to give them a surprise. (If I show them here, they will read my blog and the surprise will be gone..)

Erika did enjoy the YARN shopping with me today.. 😀

Oh well, seems like I spent a lot today… I think I shall stop shopping for yarns in the  next FEW MONTHS…

(and it’s time to sell off more my unwanted yarn in ebay…)


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Ooh, nice and cozy LYSs. Love to be there.


April 10, 2008

WOW I love your store, it looks like a very happy place.

Catherine Stabler

April 12, 2008

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