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my socks knitting

April 16, 2008 , , , , , , , , , ,

Finally, I started to knit socks again.

I gave up a year ago, because I chose the wrong color for my sock (i chose hot pink, which is not so good on my leg). And I was using double pointed needles at that time, I found myself very clumsy to use them, so, I gave up.

But, I found that the sock yarns are just so yummy that i couldn’t resist to knit socks again.
This time, I used the 2 circular needles method, and it works for me, it’s easier and faster.
I think I fall in love with this method, and I love socks knitting now.

The pattern that I am using is from my library:

Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt from Favorite Socks
I am now working on the leg part, it’s fun, and it’s easy to knit too.

The yarn that I am using is the Indigo moon, I was planning to use it for the Pomatomus sock pattern, however, I changed my mind and switched to this one.
I think, I better use a solid color for the pomatomus , otherwise the lace pattern plus the multi color will look too busy.
Yesterday, I spent a morning with my mom and Erika to visit two yarn stores.
the first stop is the Knitmatic, I wanted to search for some nice sock yarn, and I was looking for the Koigu sock yarns, however, when I arrived the store, they didn’t have my colors, and seems like they had less Koigu now.
Then, just few mintues away from this store, I arrived Loop cafe, it’s a new yarn store for ME.
I love this store, when I stepped into the store, you can smell the yummy baking food and the coffee.
It’s a very spacious store for eating, relaxing, knitting and chatting.

I met the store lady there and she was very nice to me and spent some time to show me the yarn and the patterns. I love this place.
The left side is the cafe section, and the right side is one of the yarn sections, you can find some nice sock yarns there…
I bought two skeins of sock yarn there:
1) Ancient Threads, It’s called “tri”, 100% merino wool superwash.
weight: fingering weight, amount: 481 yards/ 100 gram,
one skein is already enough for a pair of socks!
It’s very special the dyeing of this yarn, because this lady used natural food dye , she even wrote down what ‘food’ she used:
for this yarn, she wrote:
“Iac, Cocerineal, mackler, chestnut, black walnut, logwood grey, logwood purple, tumeric, fustic, quebracho red, quebracho green”
I love this color way! (how much? around $25.50)
You can also find this yarn in her esty store .
Another cheaper one is called Elitespun , it’s made in Canada!
100% merino wool, 115 g, 398 m / 435 yards
machine washable.
you can also check out the website for this  brand:
I chose a light olive green/yellow one. 🙂
(sorry, not a good picture, I just my small camera to take this shot, so, it’s not so good.)

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the socks look great, it will be addicting!! they’re my favorite thing to knit 🙂


April 16, 2008

Wow, your sock knitting passion has inspired me! I can’t wait to go back to my socks since I had started like a year ago! Your yarn store visit was also interesting! I will definately go visit!! I am glad Toronto’s yarn stores are growing well with good selection as well. 😀
I can’t wait to see your finished socks.
p.s. love your new blog face. Erika’s so adorable! Her “dim sum chin” so so cute in this picture. 😛


April 16, 2008

Hi, that sock looks great. By the way your new look blog is lovely. Have a great week, what is left of it that is. 🙂


April 17, 2008

我看到你的相片中有”mondial cotton soft”的線,


April 18, 2008

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