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Spring time again!

May 25, 2008 , , , , , , , ,

I just love Spring so much, in Canada, the flowers start to grow nicely!

in our front yard, we have some nice tulips, and just in time to take some pictures for them.

My favorite PINK color !!

My favorite PURPLE (ALLIUM) 🙂

After the trip to Hong Kong, we are still adjusting the jetlag problem.

Erika didn’t sleep well in the past few nights, and she woke up so many times at nights that I couldn’t sleep neither.
And ,the worst thing is : she had runny nose on the day flying back to Toronto, and till now, she still has it.

And I caught the runny nose from her as well.
So, we are sick now, and have no mood to knit at all.

I hope the jetlag will be over soon and recover as soon as possible.

Today we went to Church, and while the worship was going on, Erika and I stayed in the nursery room. After the worship finished, daddy came down and stood at the nursery’s door, Erika was so excited!

just simply click the link below to watch her excitement and joy!

Erika welcoming Daddy in Church.wmv


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It’s precious to see Erika’s reaction about Vincent! She was soooo excited!
It’s okay that you don’t have time or mood to knit, we all have those days; but it’s nice to see your photographic skills again. I can’t say enough how beautiful your pictures are. They will be my screensavers if you have no objection!
p.s. Erika is so high-tech. I can’t stop noticing she was playing the “black” pouch although she’s surrounded by colourful toys! 😛


May 25, 2008

These are gorgeous photos. I am glad you had a great time in Hong Kong and that you all made it back safely (despite runny noses). By the way I love the picture of you in the blog post before this one. It looks like it should have been in a magazine.

Have a great week and get well soon


May 26, 2008

She’s just adorable :o))

Bente B

May 29, 2008

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