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Swap swap swap…. and knit knit knit..

June 4, 2008 , , , , , , ,

After the trip to Hong Kong, my baby and I spent almost a week to get over the jetlag, and then I spent a week to gain back the energy to do housework!!

THere are SOOO MUCH to do at home with baby care!!

Thanks God that Erika starts to walk with support and she can play by herself most of the time (need less attention as before). She grows up a lot and seems like she understands me more. SHe also tries to express what she wants by doing some simple ‘baby signs’.

I was very guilty that I didn’t teach her any baby sign nor bring her to any baby sign class.
Is it too late for a 11 months old baby to learn baby sign??

I joined two swaps for this summer: SP12 and the Summer of Yarn love Swap. It’s gonna be fun.
I love swapping, you will get a chance to know more people with common interest, and it’s always a happy surprise to receive swap packages from them.

I just received a MIX AND MATCH swap package from Marie (In Sweden).
she was so kind to make me a homemade hand cream, it smells so good! I love it!
She also bought some wool yarn and dyed them by herself for me!
THey are my favorite pink and purple color !!

Thanks Marie, you are really thoughtful, I love the Piano cd that you sent me, I already put it in my car’s audio system and also listen to it while driving! THe piano score you sent me is fun too 🙂
I love trying new pieces!

THe last but not least, thanks for the lavender soap, hope you don’t mind me to give it to my mom because my mom love lavender as well 😀 I just want to share the goodies to my mom. 😀

YOu wrapped everything nicely and placed with typed notes, THanks for everything 😀

(I shall take pictures for these gifts, will repost with the pictures soon.)

For the coming Summer of Yarn love swap, I will need to send one package for JUne, July and August! It’s fun, I just received my partner’s info today and I am ready to pack the first JUNE package for her! 🙂

Besides all the yarn and swaps, I also started knitting again.

I didn’t continue my UFO (finally, I knew what this mean, Unfinished Object) , I started a new one (this is a confession, I shall finish off the wips first… sigh…) it’s a Camellia by Classic Elite Pattern. And I am using Lana Grossa HP 31 BASICS (Purple color) yarn for this top. I am on the half way of the BACK , will post the pictures soon. 🙂


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Hey, it’s good to see you pick up the needles and knit again. The yarn looks lovely and I can’t wait to see how it looks like on you. Keep it up, I know you can do it!
Erika is growing quickly and by the time you know it, she will be walking and talking at the same time. Enjoy!


June 4, 2008

Lillian, 什麼是swaps? 是否同blog友交換作品既意思呀?

It’s so much, if you have a YARN SWAP, you can swap YARN with others, and your partner will find some good yarn for you (according to your answers from the questionnaire) …
And we can send some treats (other than yarn) to your partner, we say “spoiling your partner”…!
So, when you join the swap, you are expected to spend some money to spoil your partner, and at the same time, you will be spoiled too. 🙂


June 6, 2008

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