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my project for Erika

June 18, 2008 , , , , , ,

Here is a new project that I started few days ago,

it’s a new cardigan from (the Helena)

I think this is an easy and fast project!
the yarn that I am using is Jojoland Rhythm (purple/orange tone)

Actually, I love the red/brown tone better, however, at the time I purchased this yarn, there were no choice.

This yarn is made in China, honestly, the color is great, but the quality of the yarn isn’t that perfect.
The yarn is like ‘twisted yarn’ (combined of 3 strands) , but sometimes, one or two of the strands broke while knitting. So, for my cardigan, I already few knots on the neck edge because of the breakages.

ALthough there is a little problem with the yarn, I still love to knit with it, I believe that it will look great for this pattern.

I finished the reglan part and started the bodice section.

It’s fuN!


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Beautiful colors! I really have to make this little cardi for my niece 😀 The orange & purple are stunning together 😀


June 18, 2008

Looks pretty! Hope to see your finished project soon.


June 21, 2008

That’s some great colors!

Summer of Yarn Love Pal

June 26, 2008

That yarn is so pretty!

Your Helena is going to be gorgeous!

Too bad that i set it aside , I shall pick up the sticks again and finish it off…
I don’t enjoy knitting in rounds, that’s why I am a bit hold back when I am in the sleeves section!


July 25, 2008

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