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knitting summer!

July 2, 2008

I just started few projects last week, one is a bolero for Erika, it’s a fast project, I already finished the back, LF,RF of the piece. And now, knitting the sleeves.
it’s so much fun to knit with the Ella Rae’s Silkience, It’s such a beautiful silky yarn!

And it’s my beloved PURPLE color!

The second project that I am working is the mittens!

This is my first time to work with Fair Isle, before I tried it ,I thought it’s hard to knit with 2 colors, and they will keep me busy on holding yarn and needles all the time…
After giving a try, I think I am falling in love with it! haha, the purple on my hand, and the charcoal on my right! It’s not as complex as I thought though.
I spent some time on searching a mitten project, and finally I found this “Bird in hand” by Kate Gilbert, I love this cute pattern, not just because of the floral design, it’s because the little birdie on the thumb! It’s just so cute!

I hope I can finish this off in this summer!

For the Helena Cardigan (for Erika), just need to knit the sleeves and it will be done.

The Camellia , I am putting it in my WIP basket, I want to knit it, but seems like the smaller projects are more interesting to me now.
but, again, I hope I can finish the above projects in this summer.

Erika just passed her 1st birthday on June 21st, thanks for the greetings from my friends and secret pals.

Here is the picture we took with her birthday cake, she was too exhausted at that time (played too much), so, she didn’t have the mood to give us a smile… … oh well..

FOr my own birthday, just had a dinner with my husband. Oh well, not very satisfied with the food and service, but, we were both happy because we could have a quiet dinner without Erika. You know, sometimes, we do need some private time alone.



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Happy Birthday to Erika. The cake looks so nice to eat with all the fruit on top. I love the little cardigan you are knitting too, such pretty colors. The mittens look so nice in the charcoal and pink yarn too.


July 2, 2008

Oh what precious pictures. I am a friend of Kerin’s and was checking out all her favorites and so here I am at your. I love pictures of the little ones, and used to do knitting back when my mom taught me, but cannot work with yarn any more as I am allergic to it when I work it. I can do the baby yarn, but the other I break out, but do envy those who can still do it.
Where I live in this building, our crafty ladies are making baby hats for the new borns at the hospitals here in Loveland, CO, also baby quilts and lap robes for other people.
I seem to do a little bit of everything like Kerin, but wish that I had that talent that she has. Such a blessing she has been even if we haven’t met, we are thousands of miles apart, but close when it comes to our hearts.
Blessings aplenty and more to you and your little family.

Betty A. Callahan

July 2, 2008

Lovely pictures. But I can’t believe the birthday cake is so much bigger than Erika! So cute.
Enjoy your knitting and can’t wait to see it finished soon!


July 3, 2008

so…do you can knit?
I hope you make a tutorial of it.
Thanks a lot. I will wait for it


July 4, 2008

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