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Toronto Night Market 2008

July 11, 2008 , , ,

Wow, sooo many people packed in this Toronto Night event (we went there at 8pm and the sky was still very bright!!)  I can’t believe it. 

There were no single space for people to walk, everyone was lining to buy Yummy food in different booths.

My husband and his friends also set up a booth to sell some deep fried seafood.
Here is my husband,


with his friend, Andy


and his friend TK was cooking at the back of the booth….hard working man here…


This food event will be held for 2 days only, (in this weekend)… However, the place took place in a parking lot which is not big enough !  

I did bring Erika with me , however, when we arrived this event, she was asleep.

So, we didn’t stay long there because I wanted my baby slept in a quiet /clean place. 🙂

I love this BBQ lamb sticks, should taste good, however, the line up is long, I didn’t try any. 

but, I like their classic bbq set up. 🙂


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hi Lillian

可愛的孩子一天天長大 心中的甜蜜真的很難一言而喻
看到妳用心的為孩子作紀錄 真的很令人感動
孩子的成長確實很快 我家Ian四個月大了 喜歡笑喜歡玩


Hello Rae,


新聞台真的很多煩人的廣告 我也正想換個地方呢



July 12, 2008

Looks like you had a ton of fun!


Actually I think my husband had some fun there, as he was so excited for almost 2 months!
For me, I didn’t really ENJOY, because I didn’t stay long and it was too crowd (really hard to walk because the walkway was too narrow.) THe distance between people were about 1-2 inches, you can imagine how bad it is?
You can imagine how tough for me to take the stroller pass through the mess…..

But, I felt good to take pictures for them. 🙂

Summer of Yarn Love Pal

July 12, 2008

That looks sooooo fun….now I am hungry after seeing all that food! 🙂

but, it’s funnny, we seldom deep fried seafood at home,
we dont’ like the smell of deep frying. It’s very oily.. 😛


July 17, 2008

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